MIDENO Staff Applaud GM's Assiduity

An appraisal of MIDENO General Manager’s three-year term in office has been appreciated by the staff of the North West Development Authority, regarding the GM as a messiah who sat at the helm of MIDENO at the time his road map in administration was needed.

This was discussed during a Press Conference conveyed by MIDENO's management, to do a critic of what MIDENO presented as the GM's balance sheet for his term of office at the helm of MIDENO, with a focus on 2021.

A staff representative revealed the loopholes filled following the stewardship of Cletus Anye Matoya, MIDENO's GM, citing some of the challenges that MIDENO had overcome in recent years.

"The GM has cleared the debts at CNPS, after compromising other expenditures: staff didn't have social benefits. A long outstanding 306 million Cfa francs, which was problematic and served as an embarrassment from tax officials, has been cleared. Over 226 million Cfa francs were canceled by the state and 76 standing cleared by state treasury through MINFI. The staff of MIDENO was stripped of their due benefits and the GM set up a committee to revisit the files".

Staff representative, Mr. Lawrence explained to the press that the GM had "tasked staff to improve morals within their ranks, take Opportunities and be prompt in carrying out assignments. He presented a road map for the authority and listened to the challenges of the staff".

MIDENO's staff felt the impact of the roadmap as "the GM worked on the reclassification of staff, he made it key on his agenda to make the working environment unfriendlily as was the case before. The staff is now on their rightful echelons, with 10 more staff that were recruited, who added more value to the work done by MIDENO".

Staff at MIDENO have their regular salaries, working conditions of Staff has been improved; as most of them met their needs and acquired landed property, above all having a cordial relationship with CNPS and taxation.

"Participation and collective hand approach, loitering, collaboration, teamwork amongst staff have improved," said a Staff representative.

MIDENO was created in 1981 to bridge the development gap. The Authority is the breadbasket of the North West region and it relies on state subventions to make an impact.

As a pilot in rural development in the NW, management believes that it is important to serve the population by reporting her actions through the media which is a form of accountability despite the challenges faced.

With a 2021 budget of about one billion 98 million Cfa francs voted, most projects but not all resources were realized. Some Projects intended for 2021 had been interrupted either because of the armed conflict or the Covid 19 pandemic, yet the 2021 plan of action realized an abrupt reduction in budgetary allocation amidst other challenges, yet created community impact.

MIDENO's management team pays tribute to farmers of the NW in the approach they took amidst the crisis; while the government continues to assist farmers through MIDENO.

The development authority succeeded in carrying out feasibility studies to promote agro-food processing; helping farmers to increase their production. Farmers will need to add value to their product; packaging and marketing because most agricultural products or farm produce are sold at the farm gate.

MIDENO realized some road infrastructure in collaboration with the city council, identified some road segments that needed to be rehabilitated, and signed an agreement with the Ministry of Public Works to revise the road conditions.

Segments of the national and regional roads, most especially farm-to-market roads were rehabilitated.

MIDENO studies the impact of projects implemented, established grass field and participatory development projects; facilitating the production of rice.

"Those who had their livelihood eroded, MIDENO sustained them by providing planting maize at 6.8 tons of seeds and envisage next farming season, 40 tons of seeds to farmers to improved on production and help farmers step up plantain production", 
Using MIDENO's equipment to create and link community roads, working in close collaboration with councils in the city to clean the dirt across town which was already posing as a health hazard to the population. MIDENO also worked with the Moslem community to level prayer grounds.

North West Development Authority with its French acronym MIDENO acts on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Cameroon in the North-West Region as the supervisor of development policy and provides a budgetary, financial, and technical mechanism for development projects. 

It also has a mandate; organizing the communities and promoting the socio-economic environment and improving the living conditions in rural areas as well as conducting any study, research, or operations connected with rural development in the North West Region.

By Ndefru Melanie

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