MINJEC NW: Sub Divisional Delegates Recieve Bikes at Christmas Tree Lighting

The Regional Delegate for MINJEC NW, Odilia Fri Mbanwie has officially recieved over 34 bikes lobbied from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, from the Head of State President Paul Biya through Minister Mounouna Foutsou, who ensured that the bikes arrived Northwest region at celebration time.

Bikes arrive Northwest

Christmas Tree lighting ceremony

Offical reception of the bikes took place after the Christmas tree lighting at the Regional Delegation of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, a party that brought together key staff of MINJEC, Representatives of NW Administration, Youths and friends.

Regional Delegate MINJEC NW

According to Odilia Fri Mbanwie, Regional Delegate of MINJEC, "it is important for everyone to be in a happy mood as the year draws to an end".


"This Christmas tree lighting ceremony is to bring our youths together, particularly MINJEC workers together because sometimes they lack activities to enjoy themselves. We are animators, to animate you start by yourself, if you don't have light, you can't give others light".

Empowering Youth taking part in dance display

"If you are not empowered, you cannot empower another, if you are not self confident, people may not be comfortable arround you. We are examples to the youths, we must be up to the task. Let me use the opportunity to tell youths of the NW that all hope is not lost. Let them come together and enjoy the privileges put at their disposal by the government." Odilia Fri Mbanwie.

Youths across the Northwest have been encouraged to pass arround the delegation, MINJEC NW and make themselves available, reveal the fields they can excel in, given their talents.

"There are alot of projects that the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education is offering, let them tell us what they can do, we will drill them and educate them, beef their ability and facilitate financing".

MINJEC NW, Representatives of NW Administration

The Regional Delegate of MINJEC NW, appreciates the efforts of the Minister for the gifts that came in handy at the time of celebration time and described the bikes as a perfect Christmas gift which comes in handy to solve the problem of mobility and ease discharge of duties on the part of staff come 2022.

Some staff said they lack the words to express the joy felt, they appreciated the Minister for the bikes, coming as a christmas gift and promised to use them for the purpose for which they are meant for and be more assertive in carrying out the duties expected of them.

MINJEC staff

"We are so grateful for the bikes sent to us in the Northwest region, hoping that these bikes will help us access areas we couldn't go to, given the nature of the roads and make youths in those places involved with projects from MINJEC, as a way of empowering them". Staff.

As previewed by the Regional Delegate of MINJEC NW, the event had the mood expected for the festive period, while christians prepare to celebrate the Birth of Christ, the Delegate's wish for new year is that, it comes with new prospects and should be an active 2022 for youths.

By Ndefru Melanie


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