Monday, May 30, 2022

Cameroon-Minjec: Yaoundé I Municipal Councilors trained, Installed

A capacity building workshop for young municipal councilors of Yaoundé I opened in Yaoundé on May 30th, with trainees acquiring entrepreneurial skills and empowering themselves with knowledge on citizenship, good governance for the good of their municipality. 

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education was represented by the Secretary General, Zachée Robert Théophile Benga, while the Sub-prefect of the Yaoundé I subdivision chaired the opening of the workshop.

The training workshop was piloted by Harouna Nyandji Mgbatou, the Sub-prefect of that division. The three-day workshop pointed out other different modules on issues concerning health and sustainable development; but also the registration of vital events. 

The question of entrepreneurship being key on the agenda was intended to have these councilors to capable of handling or intervening at moral, civic and entrepreneurial levels.

The Mayor of the commune of Yaoundé I clarified that the workshop is a crucial step in their journey as volunteers. He expressed the wish that this training will give young young municipal councilors enough instruments that will allow them to meet the needs of the populations on the ground while allowing them to rub shoulders with the management of the community.

However, the inaugural lesson of this training was given by the Head of the Legal Affairs Division of the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development (Minddevel). His remarks about Cameroon's march towards decentralization through the establishment of various institutions following the various constitutional amendments and laws that have reinforced this idea of ​​decentralization. 

The 2019 law on the general code of Decentralized Territorial Communities therefore marks the maturation of the concept of decentralization in Cameroon, this after the general states of decentralization of 2018. 

Another purpose of the workshop is also based on a ternary plan: sketch of the legal framework Decentralization; the municipality, the main actor in local development; citizen participation.

The council seem to have challenges in local development. Thus, the multitude of actors who are found both at the national level and at the decentralized level imcluding various partners, have been encouraged to work habd in glove to realize development goals.

Principles that allow the better implementation of the missions of the local authority were presented, including the mechanisms of management of the municipality- good governance. 

On the side of the populations, the Mayor advocated for citizen control of municipal actions, i.e. helping the municipality to monitor the projects undertaken.

Speaking of the tools of decentralization, he cites the setting up of neighborhood and village committees which are bodies which allow a territorial network of the community with the mission of helping to maintain the infrastructures of the locality in a logic of the principle of subsidiarity. 

"It is an instrument placed with the municipality to allow young people to appropriate the work of the community through their participation, so that we have young people who are citizens and not followers. This is a strategy to support the Mayor", he concludes.

"Minjec initiated the project to strengthen the civic participation of young people through the establishment of young municipal councilors which was the very first launched by the Minjec on February 1, 2021".

"The civic-enterpreneurial rearmament, will be in three phases; the councilors  and active citizenship, councilors -peace and conflict prevention, Councilors and volunteering, which are all modules that will be given during this capacity building training session".

Other modules on leadership, gender, social inclusion and participation; on health and sustainable development, will end as councilors will assist in setting up projects, construction, implementation and action planning, i.e. at the end of this workshop, before their installation, the young people will have set up their action plan to say exactly what their volunteering journey will be like from this day May 30, 2022 to May 30, 2023. 

These are exactly the steps they will take and which will allow them to will have completed their volunteering course, explained Abdoullah Allamine, head of the studies and projects unit at the Minjec.

The low participation of young people, especially young girls, in local development actions despite the supervision efforts made by the public authorities; low perception of development issues and challenges at national and local levels; of limited interest vis-à-vis local public action.

Youth Municipal Councils are mechanisms for mobilizing, welcoming, supervising and taking action for young people aged 15 to 34 who have volunteered for a period of one year with a municipality or a region for their participation in the management of local public affairs. 

It is also a framework for learning and initiating responsible citizenship, for intergenerational exchanges, for building and consolidating civic awareness among young people.

The general objective of these structures created by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education is to promote the voluntary and civic participation of young people in local development.

By Communication Unit

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Armed Conflict, NWR: St Theresia Kumbo looses Pupil as local explosive detonates

Children have in recent times become victims in the course of the Anglophone Crisis turned an armed conflict that hit the Northwest region for over 5 years.

Class six pupils of saint Theresia primary school (STS) Kumbo by the names Fonyuy Dora and Kelisha were victims of an explosion around the Kumbo council, Tuesday May 24th 2022.

Sources in Kumbo described the incident as "fatal". Fonyuy Dora lost her life as the local explosive detonated and another pupil who's name Civiclens got as Kelisha rushed to the theatre at thenearest hospital, as she sustained injuries.

This incident befall these pupils in their quest to report for their first school leaving Certificate practicals at GPS Tobin.

"After being dropped at the school by their relative, they realized they had forgotten their equipments and a teacher asked them to go back home and bring them. On their way, a local explosive plated along the way was detonated. It happened claiming the life of Dora", Limnyuy, a source in Kumbo recounted.

These are not the first victims as children who loose their lives in their strive, pursuing education. In kumba, kids were shot in school, in Buea a little girl was shot on her way to school, In Nkwen-Bamenda it was a similar scenario, the situation in Kumbo cannot be described differently.

These pupils whose names Civiclens got as Dora and kelisha, belong to different families and Dora is a twin. The question of how many more children, youths will  continue to loss their lives in the course of the ongoing crisis remains a pillow ponder.

By Bamenjo Petronilla

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Hon Findi Stanley Mobilises Muyuka Population To Celebrate National Day

The Member of Parliament, MP for Fako East Constituency, Hon Findi Stanley has rallied the population of Muyuka in Fako division in the  South  West region to  celebrate the golden  jubilee of  Cameroon’s national  unity.

According to  Hon Findi, the  mobilisation was also  to celebrate Biya’s ingenuity to reinforce and strengthen national unity. 

Hon Findi Stanley who is also Section President of the  Fako II Section of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, used the ceremony to mobilise  the  population to  support initiatives  taken  by the  Head of  State.

The 2022 May 20th festivities in Muyuka were chaired by the Divisional Officer,D O, Rocequgnor Tanyi.

The golden jubilee of the unitary state was celebrated under the theme: “Defence and Security Forces at the Service of the people in preserving social peace and National cohesion guarantee for an emerging Cameroon”.

The ruling party, CPDM through its section boss, Hon Findi Stanley staged a spectacular march past display to recognize the relentless efforts made by the new deal regime in fostering national unity and concord.

Talking to the press shortly after the colourful event in Muyuka, Hon Findi remarked that: “As a Section President of Fako II, I am a happy man. Happy because the CPDM  supporters of Fako II have decided to remain indifferent in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Unitary state under the leadership of President Paul Biya.”

He however announced that, on behalf of the Fako II section “I extend gratitude to the Head of State for having ruled and maintain Cameroon as a one and indivisible nation for all this while.

The MP said, “the Muyuka people extend their gratitude and support to,”  President Paul Biya, further noting that, “We are grateful to him for having strengthened our unity despite our diversity in our different culture.”

Muyuka is one of the very few subdivisions in Cameroon harbouring people from the four cultural demarcations of the country. Its open door and hospitable policy has given the subdivision a unique image in the midst of hundreds.

The man who has and is working day and night to sustain and keep alive this spirit of unity and social cohesion among Muyuka dwellers is Hon Findi Stanley.

Since his election as Member of Parliament for Fako East, he has left nothing to chance to empower and include every village and community in his development vision. 

Not long ago, Hon Findi donated a huge consignment of materials to the population of his constituency. Despite this, he still decided to celebrate the Youth Day with his people. As a grassroots politician, it was a moment of reckoning. The MP has also sponsored the training of some Internally Displaced Persons, IDP, women from Muyuka on managing petit businesses so as to keep them busy and improve their livelihood.

These women were trained on how to make fish pie, and some domestic items. In the near future, the MP plans to also give them capital to initiate the full empowerment phase which would enable them to take care of their families.

In November last year, Hon Findi offered women and less privileged persons bags of rice, salt, cantons of vegetables oil, savons, and maggi as a show of concern and encouragement.

The MP also renovated the Ekona Sub District Hospital and donated some equipment to the said hospital. He remarked then that: “I personally carried out renovation works at the Ekona Sub-District Hospital. I renovated some wards which are now operational and because of the constant power cut, I gave a modern generator so that the patients and the hospital should have light when there’s no light and some other equipment like grass cutter and a water pump because in the days ahead, we are going to drill in bore hole for the people collaboration with the council”.

It should be noted that, the Muyuka Council benefited from a grass cutter to keep the environment of the municipality clean. The young and dynamic lawmaker is described by many as an inspiration to the youth reason for his constant readiness to support youth related activities.

By Kah Patience 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Crisis Management: Over 20 CDC Workers Abducted From Idenau Camps

CDC is said to suffer from several fronts in recent times; cautioning on encroachment in it's leasehold lands in Limbe and the kidnap of workers at the soden and scipio camps in Idenau.

The incident is said to have happened on the night of May 16th, breaking May 17th 2022. Incidents that continue to jeopardize efforts made by CDC's management to keep the welfare of it's workers in check.

Franklin Ngoni Njie, General Manager of the Cameroon Development Corporation - CDC has signed a release to warn perpetrators who encroach into CDC's leasehold land harbouring Oil Palm nursery in Mile 2, Limbe.

The communique says that those intruding in CDC's Bota Oil Palms nursery, do so on the premise that part of the land has been allocated to them by an administrative authority.

CDC's Management makes it clear that legal procedure will follow anyone who encroaches in leasehold land, as portion of it hasn't been ceeded to any third party. in the Southwest region

National Day 2022: MINJEC leads in May-Day Activities Launch

MINJEC NW, SG (Representing NW Governor)

The Regional Delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Odilia Mbanwie Fri says its time for youths to take their place and enjoy opportunities offered them by the state, she acknowledged that this year's National Day Celebrations deserve a grand outing.

"The youths of the Northwest region have been missing this alot, in this period when we are celebrating 50 years of Unity, we need to celebrate. It is a golden age. Youth affairs is in charge of the civilian part of every occasion, every public manifestation and we teach by example", MINJEC NW 

Partial view of attendance

Unlike the past, 20th May celebrations this year 2022 will be celebrated in a period marked by the Corona virus pandemic that has affected about five continents causing huge human and material damage that the globe is still recovering from.

May Day Celebrations this year is  coming after two blank editions in 2000 and 2021. Not forgetting that Cameroon hosted the 33rd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations.

Stakeholders, NW Administration at 20th May Activities launch in Bamenda

20th May 2022 will be celebrated under the theme; "Defence and Services Forces at the Service of the people in preserving social peace and National cohesion guarantee for an emerging Cameroon".

A theme that fits with the times in the life of Cameroon that is facing security threats in different regions, including its borders. The efforts by Defence and Security Forces to preserve security in the North West and South West Regions cannot be undermined.

Part II of Day's Activities

Depositions have been taken by administration and stakeholders in their different domains to ensure that this year's celebration takes place hitch-free and records a success in the Northwest region.

Pictures: George Etoh
By Ndefru Melanie


Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Marley Day 2022: Minister Mbayu Felix, Old Town Neighborhood Bamenda Stand for Peace

Old Town Neighborhood

At a time when insecurity is at its apex, Old Town neighborhood - Bamenda, has remained steadfast to preaching and praying for the return of Peace. These efforts are made daily with encouragement from Minister Mbayu Felix, a NW Elite. The search for Peace is further emphasized on Marley day celebrations, 11th May 2022.

Minister Mbayu Felix

Old town community mobilizes itself on such days, with special concert see top Reggae artists in the North West perform at Old town. These young artists are encouraged by Minister Mbayu Felix, who has always stood for the return of Peace in the Northwest region, plagued by an ongoing crisis for over 5 years.

Scenario; event ground at old town, 2021

2022 Ambiance at Old town Bamenda

Reggae music, described by it's fans as food for the soul. Some of them say the words speak the future and lift their spirits. The kind of songs that decry societal injustices continue to serve as a unique opportunity to call for peace and prosperity in the North West Region.

In 2021, the Reggae artists led by Zuluman and Rainbow of Alabukam promised a fun-filled commemoration at old town in Bamenda. Sponsored by the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu, the Minister reminded the inhabitants of Old Town to remain steadfast amidst the ongoing armed conflict.

Old town for these years of the ongoing crisis has not been noted for societal disorder, rather they have defined their boundaries by embracing peace and living together. While there are daily talks for youths to stay off the consumption of hard drugs.

Stage on Marley Day 2021, Old Town Bamenda

The previous editions brought together people from far and near to celebrate the legacy of Bobrley but also celebrate the albums of budding Reggae musicians.

Robert Nesta Marley was born on the 6th February 1945 and died on the 11th May 1981 at age 36 and since his death, several countries have been celebrating his legacy through Reggae music.

Picture credit; The Observer 237

By Ndefru Melanie

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Combatting Gender Based Violence: Bringing Hearts Together takes lessons to Schools

A non-profit making organization based in the Littoral region, Cameroon; Bringing Hearts Together (BHeT) takes a new turn in combatting Gender Based Violence by teaching young people about GBV, as violence in schools become a trending vice in society.

An aspect that continues to take the lives of many and put the morals of others in a pitiable sate, the violence in schools according to BHeT, sprouts from discriminatory gender norms as one of the key factors. 

According to a concept note from BHeT it is important to apply a gender lens to prevent this form of violence, which is a step towards a response approach.

BHeT sets out to combat Gender Based Violence in schools, while raising awareness on the impacts of GBV, prevention and talking with Parents on how to make school environment GBV free.

The project, fighting school related gender based violence was launched in the littoral, Douala at Lycee Nylon Brazzaville. 

"We move to schools to raise awareness on school related Gender based violence, build self confidence of young girls. In a society where girls feel discouraged with stuff that hold them back, need to be encouraged to build themselves while embracing life with all it's challenges".

"The generation of today will be future parents, the high rate of violence especially in our schools doesn't speak well. It affects a child's psychology, economically and financially. A child coming from a home where there is GBV, will affect the child in every aspect. We need to impact the generation with knowledge on GBV, to be ambassadors against this vice. This will also cause Parents who are violent to think twice", CEO BHeT, Regina Liengu.

The objective for BHeT is to educate pupils and students on what GBV is all about, how to avoid GBV and report a GBV case, engage teachers to create a safe and gender responsive learning environment, shifting harmful gender norms through cricular approaches and also establish safe and confidential reporting mechanisms.

BHeT implements this project by making sure their mission suits the schedule, program of the schools they have shortlisted to visit. To succeed in their mission, they prefer to meet pupils and students in their classrooms, using simple language to pass across the message on GBV.

For the Southwest region, Bringing Hearts Together- BHeT is targeting 2 primary schools and 2 secondary schools while in the Littoral, Douala 2 primary schools and 4 secondary schools have been short-listed.

By Ndefru Melanie
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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Crisis Management: CDC Workers Call off Strike Action

CDC's Management has understood reasons for workers at the plantation, expressing fustration over 27 months of unpaid salaries and was doing everything to ensure that workers get what they are due.

While pleading that workers return to work in order for the Corporation to produce sell and generate revenue necessary to solve the present situation, management has also reiterated that the security of workers remain priority to them on the plantations.

Discussions between management and the agrieved workers went a long way to cool down tempers and though the dust is yet to settle, workers of the plantation are satisfied about the way management is handling their problem.

The workers promised CDC's Management to communicate their colleagues to get back to work while calling off the strike action.

CDC's management has also tasked itself to remain open to dialogue with CDC workers of all statuses recognized or not, and expressed the need to continue to follow up payment of accrued wages, with the best solution being for workers to return to the plantations.

A coalition of workers had adressed a letter the CDC's management and to the SW Governor, about a strike action of accrued wages are not paid before May 15th, 2022.

Eventhough the group called 'Coalition of Workers' was not a recognized body, CDC Management showed interest by calling them for a dialogue.

This group of 9 who were not staff elected representatives were called for a meeting. It was later discovered that 6 of them were CDC workers, with about 4 of them answering present at the GM's office of the CDC, in the presence of the Director of Humam resources and the industrial Relations Officer.

By Ndefru Melanie


Friday, May 6, 2022

Cameroon's Youngest Publisher Wins Excellence Award

One of CAMEROON's recognized Publisher and media guru,  Cham    Victor Bama cum Editor-In-Chief  and Publisher of The Municipal Updates daily  newspaper and Bi-Weekly Chronicle Newspaper has  received a distinction Award to  his  exploits in journalism.

The recognition was handed to him during a ceremony to mark the  2022 edition of the World Press  Freedom Day on the campus of the  University of Buea. It is a recognition from the Department  of Journalism and Mass Communication, JMC. 

The Dean of the Faculty of  Social  and Management Sciences, FSMS  of  UB, Prof Emmanuel Yenshu    handed the award to Cham Victor. Speaking at the ceremony,  the  Head  of  Department, HOD,  of  JMC, Prof Kingsley Lyonga  Ngange  noted that the department was  proud  to  have  groomed  Cham whom  he  described  as young, vibrant  and a daring Media  personality.    

Cham was part of the 2016  batch of  students of  JMC  . “There  is  no  gain  saying  that  Cham  Victor  Bama is one of  the daring    Cameroonian journalists who fought his way through hardwork  to the  top”, Prof Ngange  said.

Cham  runs  Municipal  Updates Daily  both  in  french  and  English  and  The  Chronicle Times, all  newspapers  widely  read  around  the  world. Speaking  to  the  press, Cham  Victor  Bama  expressed gratitude  to  the  department  of  JMC  for  singling  him out  and  recognizing  excellence. 

While  launching  The  Chariot  Magazine,  Cham announced  a  couple  of  good  news  for  JMC.  He  said he  shall    subsidized  the  printing  of  the  Chariot Magazine  at  75%  discount and from the JMC 2016  batch, sponsoring three  students yearly  in  JMC will be taken care of.

This  recent  recognition  only  adds  to  several  awards already  won  by  Cham  Victor  Bama  who  is  also described  by  colleagues  as  an  innovative  journalist. His  father  and  mother  were  part  of  the  emotional colourful  ceremony  as  they  watched  their  son  singled out  in  Celebration.

Born on September 7th 1990
Attended St Jerome Catholic Primary school Weh in Menchum Division.

-attended Government Technical High School Wum and obtained the CAP certificate, GCE certifications and the Probatoire and Baccalaureate certificates respectively.

-in 2010 was among best students   in the Baccalaureate exams with a pass in EXCELLENCE.

-2007- elected divisional President of Association of Young Communicators for Menchum

-2009- Elected Pioneer member of the National Youth Council

-2008 became Commonwealth and PAVIS pilot trainee on good governance and leadership

-2010 trained as Community health communicator in Bamenda

-2011 passed the Entrance exams into ENS Bambili where he read Information Management and Communication

-2012-2014: Coordinator of Crtv North West Youth Programs

-2013-Elected Executive member of the Cameroon National Youth Council for Bamenda

-2014-graduated from ENS BAMBILI

-January 2015-posted as Government Teacher to Buea

-APRIL 2015 Founded Municipal Updates

-2017 elected President of the Cameroon National Youth Council for Fungom

-2019: obtained a BSc in Journalism and Mass Communication in UB

-2019: founded The Chronicle Times Newspaper

-2019: founded the Association of Cameroon Journalists for the Promotion of Local Development

-2020:founded the Cameroon Watch News Site

-2021: appointed Country Communication Director of Focus Africa Series Movement


-English Language Newspaper Publishers Association


-He is also a communication consultant with several national and international organizations

-He is Vice President of the “University of Tiko”…

-He has attended several National and international workshops and seminars.

Life after JMC:

Cham Victor Bama upon graduation from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Buea, relaunched the Municipal Updates Newspaper, august 2019.

The newspaper upgraded to a biweekly publication.
In December 2019, he created The Chronicle Times Newspaper, a biweekly. In early 2020, he created the Cameroon Watch online news site.

He was one of the Frontline newspaper influencer at the historic Major National Dialogue in 2019 in Yaounde.

In April 2021, he created the Municipal Updates Magazine.
In October 2021, he launched the Municipal Updates printing press.
He became of the few Cameroonian newspaper owner to own a printing press.

On February 1st, 2022, he Launched the Municipal Updates Daily Newspaper.

Municipal Updates became one of the two English Language Daily Newspapers in Cameroon since independence.

In April 2022, he created the Municipal Updates French version.
He becomes the lone Cameroonian media owner, public and private, to publish two separate versions of a newspaper in English and French.

He is one of the lone private newspaper to cover high profile outings of the State, such as strategic missions from the Presidency of the Republic to other key state structures. 
He is the youngest,31, publisher in the country.

He is the current Vice President and founding member of the Tiko University.
He consults for several national and international bodies.
He is the current Senior Master of Discipline at Government Bilingual High School Mendong, Yaounde (appointed by the Minister of Secondary Education).
He is the current Youth Parliamentarian for Menchum North Constituency.


In the days ahead he will be launching a continental magazine named: AFRIQUE MUNICIPAL.

Cham Victor hopes to wed at God’s appointed time.