Crisis Management: CDC Workers Call off Strike Action

CDC's Management has understood reasons for workers at the plantation, expressing fustration over 27 months of unpaid salaries and was doing everything to ensure that workers get what they are due.

While pleading that workers return to work in order for the Corporation to produce sell and generate revenue necessary to solve the present situation, management has also reiterated that the security of workers remain priority to them on the plantations.

Discussions between management and the agrieved workers went a long way to cool down tempers and though the dust is yet to settle, workers of the plantation are satisfied about the way management is handling their problem.

The workers promised CDC's Management to communicate their colleagues to get back to work while calling off the strike action.

CDC's management has also tasked itself to remain open to dialogue with CDC workers of all statuses recognized or not, and expressed the need to continue to follow up payment of accrued wages, with the best solution being for workers to return to the plantations.

A coalition of workers had adressed a letter the CDC's management and to the SW Governor, about a strike action of accrued wages are not paid before May 15th, 2022.

Eventhough the group called 'Coalition of Workers' was not a recognized body, CDC Management showed interest by calling them for a dialogue.

This group of 9 who were not staff elected representatives were called for a meeting. It was later discovered that 6 of them were CDC workers, with about 4 of them answering present at the GM's office of the CDC, in the presence of the Director of Humam resources and the industrial Relations Officer.

By Ndefru Melanie


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