Combatting Gender Based Violence: Bringing Hearts Together takes lessons to Schools

A non-profit making organization based in the Littoral region, Cameroon; Bringing Hearts Together (BHeT) takes a new turn in combatting Gender Based Violence by teaching young people about GBV, as violence in schools become a trending vice in society.

An aspect that continues to take the lives of many and put the morals of others in a pitiable sate, the violence in schools according to BHeT, sprouts from discriminatory gender norms as one of the key factors. 

According to a concept note from BHeT it is important to apply a gender lens to prevent this form of violence, which is a step towards a response approach.

BHeT sets out to combat Gender Based Violence in schools, while raising awareness on the impacts of GBV, prevention and talking with Parents on how to make school environment GBV free.

The project, fighting school related gender based violence was launched in the littoral, Douala at Lycee Nylon Brazzaville. 

"We move to schools to raise awareness on school related Gender based violence, build self confidence of young girls. In a society where girls feel discouraged with stuff that hold them back, need to be encouraged to build themselves while embracing life with all it's challenges".

"The generation of today will be future parents, the high rate of violence especially in our schools doesn't speak well. It affects a child's psychology, economically and financially. A child coming from a home where there is GBV, will affect the child in every aspect. We need to impact the generation with knowledge on GBV, to be ambassadors against this vice. This will also cause Parents who are violent to think twice", CEO BHeT, Regina Liengu.

The objective for BHeT is to educate pupils and students on what GBV is all about, how to avoid GBV and report a GBV case, engage teachers to create a safe and gender responsive learning environment, shifting harmful gender norms through cricular approaches and also establish safe and confidential reporting mechanisms.

BHeT implements this project by making sure their mission suits the schedule, program of the schools they have shortlisted to visit. To succeed in their mission, they prefer to meet pupils and students in their classrooms, using simple language to pass across the message on GBV.

For the Southwest region, Bringing Hearts Together- BHeT is targeting 2 primary schools and 2 secondary schools while in the Littoral, Douala 2 primary schools and 4 secondary schools have been short-listed.

By Ndefru Melanie
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