Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Peace Builders Tasked to Transform Minds through Creative Arts Work

Over 30 Peace Builders have answered present in the Restitution Connference at the Victoria Guest house in the town of Limbe, organized by the P.C.C Peace office aimed at transforming minds through creative arts work.

About three separate workshops have already taken place in Limbe, Douala and Buea to train participants on how to achieve Peace through creative arts, theatre, films and painting.

Participants at the conference will witness a display of different productions from three different groups; theatre arts, painting and short videos for peace.

The National Coordinator of the PCC Peace Office, Rev Mrs Williams welcomed participants and handed to them the special gift from the Moderator of the PCC. Participants have been asked to get to work in different groups and are expected to produce arts work that can be use to preach peace in Cameroon.

The exercise, coordinated by Mr Ngale Nelson Smith ends on December 1st with productions projected amidst some dignitaries ok Limbe.

By Penn Elvis

Monday, November 29, 2021

Mastercard Foundation, Africa CDC’s Saving Lives, Livelihoods initiative delivers J&J to Cameroon

The Mastercard Foundation and Africa CDC jointly announced that 302,400 J&J vaccines purchased under the Saving Lives and Livelihoods initiative have arrived Cameroon and are set for distribution.

The shipment is part of a first consignment of vaccines to be delivered under this initiative. Through Saving Lives and Livelihoods, the Mastercard Foundation is purchasing vaccines for more than 65 million people across Africa, which will be distributed within countries by UNICEF.

Launched in June 2021, Saving Lives and Livelihoods is now a $1.5 billion partnership that aims to enable vaccination for millions of people, develop a workforce for vaccine manufacturing, and strengthen the Africa CDC’s capacity to oversee a historic vaccination campaign and effectively respond to future outbreaks.

Commenting on this delivery, Dr Manaouda Malachie Ministry of Health said;

“Timely delivery of these vaccines underscores the effectiveness of the African Vaccine Acquisition Trust. Working with the Africa CDC and multiple organizations, the Mastercard Foundation will support the roll out of vaccinations to millions across the continent".

"More remains to be done to urgently increase vaccination rates. We call on all actors to step forward to save lives and livelihoods in Africa,” said Reeta Roy, President and CEO of the Mastercard Foundation.

“We are steadily picking up momentum in the continental vaccination effort. In September, the first tranche of AVAT-purchased vaccines began rolling out to 39 countries. Now, we are announcing the delivery of vaccines purchased through the Saving Lives and Livelihoods initiative. We are working hard on the ground to get jabs-in-arms, which is the ultimate measure of success,” said Dr. John Nkengasong, Director of the Africa CDC.

Vaccines purchased under Saving Lives and Livelihoods build on a historic agreement negotiated by the African Vaccine Acquisition Trust (AVAT) earlier this year for the purchase of 400 million Johnson & Johnson vaccines, as well as a more recent agreement for the purchase of 50 million Moderna vaccines.

The Mastercard Foundation will fund the purchase of 57 million Johnson & Johnson vaccines and is seeking to purchase approximately 17 million Moderna vaccines. The AVAT mechanism was created to enable African countries to pool together resources to directly purchase vaccines at discounted prices made possible by volume orders.

“Through the AVAT, we have secured enough vaccines to vaccinate 450 million people by September 2022. In this regard, Africa has met its side of the bargain. So far, the Mastercard Foundation is the only foundation that has stepped up to support Africa in this work. They are covering AVAT’s entire November shipment and we remain grateful for their support. We hope to see other foundations and corporations get behind the local and national delivery of vaccines,” said Strive Masiyiwa, African Union Special Envoy.

“This is a remarkable collaborative effort through the AVAT, which Afreximbank are proud to have played our part in. The arrangement for the supply and distribution of vaccines was configured on the back of a US $ 2 billion guarantee issued by Afreximbank to the vaccine manufacturers, with the support of partners. Through these combined efforts, the reopening of trade and commerce throughout the continent will be accelerated,” said Professor Benedict Oramah, President of Afreximbank.

“AVAT vaccines, partly manufactured in South Africa, are a true testament that local production and pooled procurement as envisioned in the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) are key to the attainment of a more sustainable post-COVID economic recovery across the continent,” said Dr. Vera Songwe, United Nations Under-Secretary General and Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic for Africa (UNECA).

The roll out of vaccines under the Saving Lives and Livelihoods initiative will be led by UNICEF, who are overseeing the vaccine delivery for the overall AVAT effort.

UNICEF has extensive experience delivering vaccines, and a strong and well-established relationship with African countries. UNICEF is also supporting the procurement of vaccines for the Saving Lives and Livelihoods initiative and the larger AVAT vaccine purchase effort.

“UNICEF is proud to continue our support to AVAT and Africa CDC to help vaccinate the millions of people in Africa who have been left behind,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore.
"With our long history of procuring and delivering vaccines all around the world, we are committed to helping reduce vaccine inequity and keeping people safe.”
Africa CDC is a specialized technical institution of the African Union that strengthens the capacity and capability of Africa’s public health institutions as well as partnerships to detect and respond quickly and effectively to disease threats and outbreaks, based on data-driven interventions and programs.

For more information, please visit:

About the African Vaccine
Acquisition Trust (AVAT)   

The African Vaccine Acquisition Trust (AVAT) is a special purpose vehicle, incorporated in 
Mauritius. AVAT acts as a centralized purchasing agent on behalf of the African Union (AU) Member States, to secure the necessary vaccines and blended financing resources for achieving Africa’s COVID-19 vaccination strategy which targets vaccinating a minimum of 60% of Africa’s population based on a whole-of-Africa approach. 

AVAT was established by the COVID-19 African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team, which was set up in November 2020 by 
President Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa, in his capacity as Chairperson of the African Union (AU), as a support component to the COVID-19.

Immunisation Strategy that was endorsed by the AU Bureau of Heads of State and Government in August 2020. AVAT’s main partner institutions are the African Union’s Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). 

About the Mastercard Foundation  

The Mastercard Foundation is a Canadian foundation and one of the largest in the world with approximately $40 billion in assets. The Foundation was created in 2006 through the generosity of Mastercard when it became a public company. 

Since its inception, the Foundation has operated independently of the company. The Foundation’s policies, operations, and program decisions are determined by its Board.

For more information on the Foundation, please visit: www.mastercardfdn.org  

About UNICEF  
UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most disadvantaged children. Across more than 190 countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, to build a better world for everyone. For more information about UNICEF and its work for children, visit www.unicef.org.  
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About the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) 
Established by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations (UN) in 1958 as one of the UN’s five regional commissions, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa’s (ECA’s) mandate, is to promote the economic and social development of its member States, foster intraregional integration and promote international cooperation for Africa’s development. 

ECA is made up of 54 Member States and plays a dual role as a regional arm of the UN and as a key component of the African institutional landscape. 

For more information, visit: www.uneca.org 

Media Contacts: 
Nonye Mpho Omotola

Dr. Benjamin Djoudalbaye 
Mastercard Foundation               
Africa CDC 
nomotola@mastercardfdn.org                                                    benjamind@africa-union.org 
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Menchum Youths Resident In Douala Converge for Sports Unity Tournament

Sons and daughters of Menchum Division, Northwest region of Cameroon who displaced themselves from their home of origin given the armed conflict, have gathered in Douala to support each other through the Menchum Unity Tournament, being an initiative of Ibrahim Manta aka Kawu Yaya.

Kawu hails fron Menchum Division and is a sport lover, who thought that the activity will in a way contribute to the well-being of youths who have moved away from home and resident in Douala.

Coupled with the recent strife between the muslims and the aghem indegenes, Kawu Yaya is using this Unity Tournament to preach peace and living together amongst children of wum, both Hausas, Aghems, Mbororos, Bu and many other tribes who've settled in Wum and Menchum at large.

The tournament consist of five football teams; Bu road FC, Star Boys FC, Mujang FC, Chey Chey FC and Ndenei FC. Handball girls have four teams; Bu Road girls, Understandable girls, Star girls and Chey Chey FC. The cup donor, has set aside 500,000frs cfa for football and 250,000 for handball girls.

The semi final and final matches shall be fielded at stade CICAM and the grand final is slated for 19 Dec 2021. Mr Ibrahim Manta, known to be the youngest millionaire in Menchum, promised to send support to the youngest club participating in the ongoing Wum Council Unity and Peace Tournament, holding at the municipal stadium of Wum, Menchum Division.

By Penn Elvis


Sunday, November 28, 2021

E-Mentoring Program Launched: Youths Begin Three Months Journey

The Cameroon Association of Women in Media has engaged 300 mentees from 10 regions for an online training program that will spand for a period of 3 months, with over 300 mentees taking part in the virtual launch of the program which is sponsored by the U.S Embassy. 

Project Lead

Addressing the audience during the official launch of the program, the Project lead,  Tchonko Becky Bissong called on the youths to be committed and remain focused on the goals of the program.

She encouraged those selected for the E-MENTORING program to tap knowledge and skills from the Mentorship and Networking program, so that they may be able to come up with practical solutions to society's problems. 

"In times of challenges and adversity, we need leaders, people to take action collectively. We face challenges and tell ourselves that we don't have the skills, but the E-Mentoring program provides the platform. Network as much as you can and get the best out of this program" Tchonko Becky, Project Lead.

The online program focuses on the theme; "promoting professionalism through E- Mentoring and Networking", where the mentees will connect to some 150  mentors from the US Global Alumni who will help them learn skills that will help them learn skills in domains like: youth leadership, women and Gender Equality, ICTs and Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and Agribusiness and Self- Confidence,  interpersonal Relations and Public Speaking.

Mentees for their studies and career will be expected to do alot of networking and take advantage of opportunities that are highly competitive in the job market. These young persons are expey to put in alot of effort to accomplish the things they want to in life.

Experts and Youths who had success stories to share took turns to talk to mentees through the virtual session, an exercise which was very much welcomes by the young mentees that are enrolling for the E-Mentoring program.

Prof. Mbarika Victor
During Virtual Launch

Keynote speaker at the virtual launch was Professor Mbarika Victor- accomplished Global leader and President of the ICT universities who used his life story to inspire the youths. 

Victor Mbarika was a key note speaker at the virtual launch, he is an endowed Professor of ICT, founder of the International Centre for Information Technology and Development. On his part, he encouraged mentees to take advantage of networking opportunities, through his presentation this was proof of his success story.

The program is being implemented with close collaboration from the Mandela Washington Fellows alumni association known as YALI Cameroon, Leap Girl Africa and the TAYONG Centre for Leadership and Development.

Karen Kang, U.S Embassy

The Deputy Public Affairs officer- Karen KANG revealed that the American Embassy will continue to support the Empowerment of youth for employability in partnership with the government of Cameroon.

"It is our contribution to help check irregular migration  and unemployment by guaranteeing job creation of youths and wealth creation".

During the Launching of the Practical phase of the E-Mentoring program on Nov 24th 2021, mentees were provided with the opportunity to listen to success stories, which to them was a plus and a form of encouragement while they embark of the learning process.


By Ndefru Melanie

In Ekondo Titi: Government Denounces Maccabre Act, Leads Protest March

The representative of Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, Chief of Bogongo in Ekondo Titi subdivision, the Divisional Officer, some Parliamentarians, the Mayor of Ekondo Titi have answered present amongst others; to head a protest march together with the local population in order to denounce seperatists activities in the area, most especially the ugly incident of November 24th 2021 in GBHS Ekondo Titi.

The population of Ekondo Titi municipality after the ecumenical service of November 28th 2021 at the municipal grandstand, took to the streets to say no to amba terrorism perpetrated in the area.

The community gathered to denounce ambazonia terrorism and fight back against illiteracy and self destruction of Anglophones by Anglophones.

The ecumenical Service held in memory of the four students and a teacher killed by separatist fighters in GBHS Ekondo Titi, Ndian Division.

The population and elite of the municipality have turned out massively to yield to peace calls made by the Head of State, President Paul Biya, through the Prime Minister Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, who visited the Southwest region months ago to caution the local population and elite to live together and be one another's keeper.

The local population took to the streets on November 28th 2021, in synergy with the Prime Minister Head of Government to pray for the departed souls of Emmanuel, Mme Song Celestina, Emmanuel, and two others. 

The Divisional Officer for Ekondo Titi subdivision, Aboloa Timothe addressed the situation same day it happened within his jurisdiction and confirmed that the incident was carried out by seperatists fighters in the early hours of November 24th 2021 in GBHS Ekondo Titi.

"At about 10 minutes to 8 am that morning some terrorist got into campus of GBHS Ekondo Titi and opened fire on teachers and students who got to school very early that day". D.O of Ekondo Titi.

On behalf of government, the D.O confirmed to have visited the students who were injured, revealing that forces of law and order had been deployed to trace perpetrators.

"After the incident, defense and security forces were deployed to the field to get the authors of the maccabre act. I have made a tour through the health districts to check on the students". Aboloa Timothe

A crisis meeting also held same day, with the staff and administration of the school affected including stakeholders concerned.

"We have reassured the population that schools, teaching should go on unperturbed and that the population should not to panick".

Taking into consideration that Ekondo Titi is the PM's place of origin, the people there continue to yield to peace calls despite the unfortunate incident that affected several families in the area.

The Prime Minister is always remembered for his simplicity and steadfastness in the quest of Peace for the 2 English speaking regions and it was in this same vein that the Divisional Officer of the area, visited the scene and took necessary actions to calm down the situation.

South based Reporter

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Municipal Updates


Andek Council Bridges Communication Gap, Opens Community Radio

Andek Community Radio

Radio, apart from other media outlets is considered one of the most efficient tools for communication which brings development to any community. Unfortunately, this good is a rare for most divisions in the Northwest region; geographical features can hinder transmission of information or reception and there is a major problem of electricity/power supply.

Ubangoh-Helly, Mayor of Andek

"Before people will depend only on rumours and take it for gospel truth. But now, it is hoped that the national station and other key radio signals from Bamenda can be relayed in Andek for our people to have verified information from genuine sources." Ubangoh Jelly, Mayor of Andek Council.

Andek Council is situated in the heart of Momo Division – bounded on the east by Njikwa, to the south by Widekum – Menka subdvision; to the West by Batibo Sub Division and to the North by Mbengwi Sub division.

It's has a population of about 18000 inhabitants settled out on a predominantly hilly surface area of 4000 sq km distributed into 19 autonomous villages including a few Mbororos.

Testing the Studio Microphone

In order to reach her people with authentic information, while debunking rumour, the Mayor of Andek Council succeeds in realizing a Community Radio project intended to better inform her people about council activities and other announcements that concern her municipality and Ngie subdivision at large.

The radio in Andek is expected to being economic impact on the people and in the municipality at large.

"Ngie has been blocked from recieving information because its a hilly area and radio signals from Bamenda or the National station don't reach Andek. The council had to step in and bridge the gap. With this station we are able to deliver genuine information to the population, which will enhance the development of the area".

"Very often we have had things to share to the population but because of the crisis people hesitate to carry letters for fear of the fighters. With the radio, information will go direct from the council to the community." Mayor of Andek Council.

Partial map of Andek

Andek Council is a decentralized collectivity for Ngie Sub Division in Momo Division of the North West Region, in Cameroon. It was created in 1992 by a Prime Ministerial Decree.

The major activity in Ngie is agriculture; the people farm tree crop agriculture with tubers and root crops highly produced.
Ngie is spoken in nineteen villages north of Widikum and south of Oshie in Momo Division.

MOMO Division has 5 subdivisions; Batibo, Mbengwi, Njikwa, Widikum and Ngie (Andek) - Subdivisional Office is located in Andek.

By Ndefru Melanie


FEHACU 2021 Wraps Up In Grandstyle, Creates Connect with Partners

Familly Picture with Miss FEHACU 2021

Mayor Fonguh Cletus, at the end of the cultural festival in Nkwen, Bamenda, is confident that the Bamenda III Council has gained partners to itself through the Festival of Heritage, Arts and Cultures (FEHACU),  which will enable his team prepare better for next edition, FEHACU 2022.

Mayor Fongu, Fon Azehfor III with Miss FEHACU 2021

Wrapping up in grandstyle, the Mayor has given room for opinions and criticisms to help him do better for the next edition. He believes that the loop holes for this year's event can be best addressed if  opinions are channeled to the Bamenda III Council, rightly.

Mayor Fongu crowns 2nd Winner of the beauty pageant contest

"FEHACU 2021 has been a resounding success, though it is a maiden edition and we may not have been perfect because we had limitations to mobilizing ressources for the festival. We think we have developed a pool of partners that in 2022 we will do better; optimize  prices and increase the quality of organization that will befit our status."

"Our municipality's geographical location gives it the strength to be one of the most powerful cultural hub in the NWR. We will take advantage of this, so we sell our culture both national and internationally" Fonguh Cletus, Mayor Bamenda III Council.

Fon Azehfor III

The Fon of Nkwen, Fon Azehfor III revealed that the success of the event came to reality because ideas from different persons were harnessed for the plan of action, ahead of the FEHACU program. 

"The success that we had at FEHACU is because we are together, we are united in our ideas. We felt so bad about what has happened in our community for the past 5years. We wanted to come out and cleanse the land, beg God for forgiveness, ask for Peace, love and that He should give us the spirit of reconciliation, for the community to move on."

Fon of Nkwen Speaks to Press

"The Mayor, his collaborators and traditional notables, quarter heads have been a big hand in organizing this Cultural event, we put together our ideas and we count it a success and pray that no harm will come to us", Fon of Nkwen, Fon Azehfor III.

Miss FEHACU 2021, waves in Victory

Miss Asah Nadia is 22 years and daughter of the soil, she was crowned Miss FEHACU 2021, with expectations that she will work hand in glove with youths in the municipality and with Bamenda III Council in particular, to implement developmental strategies that are more sustainable.

Miss FEHACU 2021 crowned and recieves Fon's Blessings

"My plans are to ensure that youths are educated on the importance on speaking the dialect, what they stand to benefit and to help them learn it; so that they can read, write and translate, while speaking the mother tongue fluently."Asah Nadia Sirri, Miss FEHACU 2021.

She is a holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Banking and Finance from the CITEC Higher institute of Technology and Management Yaounde. It is expected that she will network with other persons that will end up being partners of the Bamenda III Council, thereby planning for a better FEHACU 2022.

By Ndefru Melanie

FEHACU 2021: Mayor Fongu, Fon Azehfor III End Festival on "Mourning Sunday" with Baptists

The Mayor of Bamenda III Council and the Fon of Nkwen have joined Christians of the Cameroon Baptist Convention CBC on the last day of the Bamenda III Festival of Heritage Arts and Cultures (FEHACU) to mourn and pray for those who have died and their families in the current armed conflict in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

Fongu Cletus Tanwe and HRM Fon Azehfor III prayed with Christians of the Nkwen Baptist Church on Sunday 28 November 2021 declared by the Executive President of the Cameroon Baptist as Mourning Sunday. According to the Very Rev. Dr. Nditemeh Charlemagne, the declaration followed the killing of school children in Ekondotiti and pupils in Buea and Bamenda this November 2021.

Led by the Rev Njini Edward, Senior Pastor of the Nkwen Baptist Church, the festival of Heritage Arts and Cultures (FEHACU) 2021 delegation prayed for the souls of the children and others gone in the armed conflict while praying for a rapid solution. The Rev Njini also used the service to pray for blessing and peace on the Bamenda III municipality the Nkwen Fondom.

Speaking during the service, Fon Azehfor III challenged the Christians to assist their children learn the culture. He has also emphasized on the need for all to work for peace in the North West and South West Regions by being peaceful.

"In times of challenges like now we have only one direction to take which is to run to God." Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe said while thanking God for accompanying his municipality organise a successful festival.

After launching the festival activities at the Roman Catholic St Michael's Church in Futru Nkwen, the FEHACU organising committee decided to end with prayers at the Nkwen Baptist Church.

Communication Unit
Bamenda III Council

Saturday, November 27, 2021

FEHACU 2021: Maiden Edition Tagged Gender Responsive

Women and Girls Involved in FEHACU Maiden Edition

The outcome at the launch of the Maiden Festival of Heritage, Arts and Cultures in Bamenda III subdivision, Northwest region reflected an understanding of gender roles, involving the full participation of women in every activity.

Gender-based differences and issues were considered in designing a plan of action ahead of the Festival and at the launch of the festival. Observing the activities that unfolded, one will say gender equality was promoted in it's implementation.

Women were not just the majority of those who answered present at the festival ground or posed as onlookers, most of them took part massively in a cross section of traditional dances and in the exhibition excercise.

Different Traditional Dance Display

Speaking to a Fongwa Melissa taking part in the cultural festival, hails from Bamessing. She expressed satisfaction over the Festival's maiden edition, hoping that culture, tradition can be revived in other villages through joined efforts from Elite.

"I don't remember the last time I attended a festival in Bamenda or in the Northwest region at large. This crisis has really disturbed alot of activities that will bring a people together during end of year festivities. Am so happy that the Bamenda III Council has given us the opportunity to have a feeling of what we use to miss. I am so glad to learn that the council has made it an annual activity, gradually we hope everything will fall in place". Speaking to Civiclens.

Traditional dances displayed in different forms and style, revealing the beauty in culture, as women appeared in different attires that served as a symbol in the land of Nkwen, that carried meaning. Some of them had beats tied arround their waist and legs producing sounds that tied to the sounds that came from the drums, appealing to the minds of lovers of culture present.

Women Involved in Secret Society "The Nkah"

Women were part of core displays; belonging to a secret society group, called the Nkah meant for notables, a group that is said to reveal itself or display on rare occasions. Women are refered to as pacifiers and it is on this basis that gender was mainstreamed at all stages of the event as a tool to achieve gender equality.

Women/Girls at the Stands

Women, girls took part in the exhibition; empowering themselves as they presented their produce to visitors at the festival in order to raise income and others took turns at the beauty pageant, revealed projects that could contribute in developing Bamenda III subdivision, if given the tittle Miss FEHACU.

Present at the Festival of Heritage Arts and Cultures, was a partial representation of Men and Women, Youths, Children from all six clans that make up Nkwen; with a total of 62 quaters and six subchiefs, with a total population of about 189,000 inhabitants.

By Ndefru Melanie