FEHACU 2021 Wraps Up In Grandstyle, Creates Connect with Partners

Familly Picture with Miss FEHACU 2021

Mayor Fonguh Cletus, at the end of the cultural festival in Nkwen, Bamenda, is confident that the Bamenda III Council has gained partners to itself through the Festival of Heritage, Arts and Cultures (FEHACU),  which will enable his team prepare better for next edition, FEHACU 2022.

Mayor Fongu, Fon Azehfor III with Miss FEHACU 2021

Wrapping up in grandstyle, the Mayor has given room for opinions and criticisms to help him do better for the next edition. He believes that the loop holes for this year's event can be best addressed if  opinions are channeled to the Bamenda III Council, rightly.

Mayor Fongu crowns 2nd Winner of the beauty pageant contest

"FEHACU 2021 has been a resounding success, though it is a maiden edition and we may not have been perfect because we had limitations to mobilizing ressources for the festival. We think we have developed a pool of partners that in 2022 we will do better; optimize  prices and increase the quality of organization that will befit our status."

"Our municipality's geographical location gives it the strength to be one of the most powerful cultural hub in the NWR. We will take advantage of this, so we sell our culture both national and internationally" Fonguh Cletus, Mayor Bamenda III Council.

Fon Azehfor III

The Fon of Nkwen, Fon Azehfor III revealed that the success of the event came to reality because ideas from different persons were harnessed for the plan of action, ahead of the FEHACU program. 

"The success that we had at FEHACU is because we are together, we are united in our ideas. We felt so bad about what has happened in our community for the past 5years. We wanted to come out and cleanse the land, beg God for forgiveness, ask for Peace, love and that He should give us the spirit of reconciliation, for the community to move on."

Fon of Nkwen Speaks to Press

"The Mayor, his collaborators and traditional notables, quarter heads have been a big hand in organizing this Cultural event, we put together our ideas and we count it a success and pray that no harm will come to us", Fon of Nkwen, Fon Azehfor III.

Miss FEHACU 2021, waves in Victory

Miss Asah Nadia is 22 years and daughter of the soil, she was crowned Miss FEHACU 2021, with expectations that she will work hand in glove with youths in the municipality and with Bamenda III Council in particular, to implement developmental strategies that are more sustainable.

Miss FEHACU 2021 crowned and recieves Fon's Blessings

"My plans are to ensure that youths are educated on the importance on speaking the dialect, what they stand to benefit and to help them learn it; so that they can read, write and translate, while speaking the mother tongue fluently."Asah Nadia Sirri, Miss FEHACU 2021.

She is a holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Banking and Finance from the CITEC Higher institute of Technology and Management Yaounde. It is expected that she will network with other persons that will end up being partners of the Bamenda III Council, thereby planning for a better FEHACU 2022.

By Ndefru Melanie

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