Thursday, April 30, 2020

REWAC visits IDP Children in Bamenda with Basic Needs.

Over 50 children living within the City of Bamenda, have benefited from items, donated by Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon (REWAC), with Head office in Bamenda.

Items including, clothes, shoes and soap has been given to children within the ages of 2 and 12years, in Nkwen Bamenda, on April 30th.

Displaced kids that came from different divisions of the Northwest region; Banso, Ndu, Sabongari, Mendankwe, Bafut, nand others from noni, Lebialem, left their homes of origin to live in Bamenda, due to the armed conflict and only hope to return when things are calm.

Some of the women who accompanied their kids to benefit from the items brought by REWAC told The Guardian Post that they were grateful about the gesture because they had not expected that someone will look out for some of their basic needs.

" I am an IDP from noni, I lost my husband and my house was set ablaze, my familly members took everything from me, right now I am very stranded, where I live in Bamenda now,I sleep on the floor, sometimes I put clothes on the floor and sleep on them, as for food, some people arround us offer meals and that is how we survive" one of the IDP women told this Blogger

" I want to appreciate REWAC for the kind gesture offering us clothes, this is a way to preserve our human dignity, we are thankful and we pray the Association reach out to many who are suffering from the armed conflict." She added.

Another lady, Agnes, caring for internally displaced children, including young girls,tells The Guardian Post about the challenges grooming young girls, who have ran from their homes and cannot afford for their basic needs, make them vulnerable or prone to prostitution.

"I ran from Lebialem and settled in Bamenda, as we ran we came across children who's situation. Was worst than ours, they came from Mendankwe, Bafut, Nkambe. All I do is give them moral support and encourage them to stay strong despite the challenging times". The woman from Lebialem told This blogger

"Some of the young girls I live with will complain that they just have one clothe to manage on a daily basis, but we thank REWAC who has remembered IDP Children, with some youths benefiting from the clothes brought. When I look at the kids, I don't have the means to manage the situation and REWAC 's coming is a great relief" She added.

REWAC visited these kids with Clothing and a carton of Savon, to assist them in the challenges the face. Hoping that more will be done to help them live better lives.

Northwest Recieves COVID-19 Kits, a share of Presidential Grant.

The Governor of the Northwest Region, represented by his Secetary General, Viang Mekala has recieved Covid-19 kits, from the Ministry of Territorial Administration.

The consignment made up of Items including 1870 cubes of savon, Hand Sanitizer 30 litters each of 1020 containers, 6800 hand washing buckets and 34000 face Mask

The exercise took place on April 29th, at the explanade of the Governor's office, accompanied by a dispatched team from Yaoundé.

The Secetary General, Viang Mekala, was positive about the gift from the President of the Republic and said the kits go inline to meet the challenges of the people who could not afford for the items.

"It's with joy and alot of enthusiasm that we have recieved the assistance from the Head of State, His Excellency President Paul Biya, for the entire population of the Northwest Region, as Covid-19 kits will be distributed to all 7 Divisions including all 34 subdivisions" The Secetary at the Governor's office,Viang Mekala.

" On behalf of the population, we wish to express our gratitude and satisfaction, we have sensitize the population on the implementation of measures against Covid-19, with the coming of the Covid-19 kits, the challenges faced by the population to get face mask or hand sanitizers have been solved". He added.

The Sub Director incharge with delivery said it is with anxiety that the population of the Northwest recieve the gift from the Head of State,President Paul Biya and join the rest of the world to fight the deadly Pandemic.

"This is the Material sent by the Minister of Territorial Administration,Paul Atanga Nji, a gift given by the Head of State, President Paul Biya, to help the population of the Northwest Region to fight against Covid-19." Tchuente Guilbert.

"Within this materials,we have hand washing buckets, soap, hand sanitizer, some medical equipment, respiratory devices, face mask". He added

The material arrived in 4 different trucks, ready for distribution the next day to the 7divisions in the Northwest Region, including 34council areas.

Monday, April 27, 2020

CCMN Northwest Takes on 2nd Phase of Peace Project

The Cameroon Community Media Network (CCMN) has come to the end of the first phase of the Peace project with some media houses and Journalists in the Northwest region.

The last phase of the meeting held on Saturday, April 25th at Church centre small Mankon, in the prescence of the National Coordinator of the CCMN, Rose Obah Akah who doubles as the Regional Coordinator.

The Peace project, born during the phase of the Anglophone Crisis, sponsored by the PCC office and other partners, records about 75% success, as members of the network,carried out different productions on a variety of platforms, with more content focusing on the community.

Reflecting on the impact of the project, the national Coordinator, Rose Obah Akah made remarks about the stories peached and reported by members on Radio, Television,Print and online. She said the narrative had changed positively, inline with peace reports and reactions to crisis situations.

" I wish to thank everyone for the effort put in by every CCMN member to realise a certain percentage of success in this project. We noticed that most news articles had a different approach, using the bottom- top approach" Rose Obah said.

" We must uderstand that the project is not 100% perfect, else there will be no need for a second phase, reason why we are giving room for members to register a-new" Rose Obah,National and Regional Coordinator for the Northwest, added.

The Project Assistant, Guilbert Ndasi said the production feedback did not realise great improvement, because it did not have an impact on members of the network.

He noted with interest that the project, to an extent, did not have an impact on a good number of Journalists, before being Peace oriented. He encouraged that those who will be part of the 2nd phase, should be committed in their productions and report objectively.

One of the members of the network and Peace Journalists
Gnoukapasi Martial, reporting for Afrique Nouvelle and a blogger, appreciated the efforts Of the Network and the efforts of board members who rendered account of their activities for the past years.

"For the past 2years I have learnt a lot on community oriented journalism,thanks to this project,I understood the crisis and how to go about coverage without being a victim.CCMN has situatuated it's members on how to report on the crisis,using the Peace approach" he said.

"Our news reports no longer please newsmakers,rather it helps build our communities." he added

The CCMN network in the Northwest region, registers 4 new members, who said they had followed the reports of some Peace Journalists and made the decision to one part of the team.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Elites join Mayor of Bafut to Rescue the People Amidst Gun Battles.

The Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongho Lawrence together with the Elites of Bafut, have pleaded with the population to respect the 13measures it in place by Government to fight Covid-19.

He was speaking during an excercise on April 22nd, where the Mayor in close collaboration with the Divisional Officer of Bafut, shared out buckets, soap, tissue and face mask to help the masses fight the deadly Pandemic.

Despite the gun battles in Bafut, elites and other traditional rulers, brave the odds to accompany the Mayor fight Covid-19 and they did same by calling on separatists fighters and on the Bafut population to do same.

" Let all politicians and those with political differences put aside self interest, and join the young
Mayor fight this deadly disease. The disease does not know us by names or Tittles and that is why there is need for us to put aside our political differences, to conquer this health crisis." Sunjo Samuel, Elite and senior quater head in Bafut.

The Mayor of the Bafut Council emphasized that, the fight should be a collective one and with the vastness of Bafut, he cannot do that alone if he does not get the support of the people. He said the kits may not be enough and needed support for the crusade to be effective.

"We are calling on the elites of Bafut, those residing out of the region that, these things are not enough, considering the vast nature of Bafut. They should support the Bafut council so that, we can move into the hinterlands to safe the lives of those our people who are not privileged to have all of these things that we have today”. Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongho Lawrence.

The District Medical head in Bafut,Dr.Njefi Yves,enlightened the people about the disease and asked that preventive measures be practiced seriously, considering that the Northwest Region had recorded it's first case.

He also informed the press that, corpses entering Bafut for burial, are being disinfected at the entrance to Bafut, as part of ways to take precautions against the deadly disease, Covid-19.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Bamenda 2 Mayor Meets the Challenges of the People, Fights Covid-19

The Mayor for Bamenda 2 Council, his deputy and team have taken the fight against Covid-19 to the next level, involving the people within the Bamenda 2 sub division, using a caravan.

This exercise took place on April 22nd, as Chenwi Peter, Mayor of Bamenda 2 and his 2nd Deputy, Njoko Frida used a Caravan to sensitize the people of Bamenda about Covid-19, targeting major institutions, Agencies and other focal points in the town.

The Mayor offered items to some companies like Nextel, Lakings, Orange Cameroon, Mezam Polyclinic, Bamenda Main Market and other traveling Agencies, giving them buckets, soap and tissue, for them to join the fight, against Covid-19.

Some health personnel from the Bamenda Regional Hospital, had the opportunity to educate the masses about the deadly disease, while emphasizing on preventive measures.

Onlookers who couldn't afford for some of the items, appreciated the gesture from the Mayor of Bamenda 2 council, promoting the hand washing exercise through the donations.

" We are grateful for this kind move by the Mayor of Bamenda 2, who has remembered us in times of need, with these buckets and soaps given to us, we will be able to wash our hands and the bucket will be positioned in a way that everyone passing will be able to make use." One of the women selling along the streets of Bamenda, tells the Mayor in appreciation.

Visiting the MTN network building, many people gathered to listen to the message preached during the Caravan and witnessed the Network's manager recieve items from the Mayor of Bamenda 2, Chenwi Peter and his 2nd Deputy, Njoko Frida.

"I wish to say I am very pleased to have recieved these gifts from the Mayor of Bamenda 2 and his team, the head office of the network service is found in Bamenda 2 and this exercise goes to show the kind of relationship we intended building with the Bamenda 2 Council." Albert Mua, Manager MTN network Northwest Region.

"Actions like this calms the tension felt by the people of Bamenda, considering that the Northwest Region has already recorded it's first case." He added.

Other shops arround city chemist and along the streets of Commercial avenue, benefitted from the items shared by the Bamenda 2 Council, which lives no one behind in the fight against Covid-19.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

MBOSCUDA trains Youth leaders to Promote Intercultural Diversity.

Some Youth Leaders within the Northwest Region , have attended a capacity training workshop under the framework of Bridging the Gap Project by MBOSCUDA, sponsored by the European Union, to acquire training on effective responsibility in decision making arenas.

The workshop takes place on April 18th, to strengthen the purpose of promoting intercultural diversity, explaining the roles and responsibilities of youth leaders in the different communities, as a way of resolving conflicts existing in many communities.

Sali Django, Coordinator and head of the MBOSCUDA office Bamenda, talks about the project and the expected achievements of the project, which focuses on the conflicts in most communities.

"The workshop is coming within the framework of a project we have, sponsored by the European Eunion, called Bridging the Gap(BTG), safeguarding Peace and human rights and promoting intercultural Dialogue. We did a project in the past trying to resolve a conflict between these two; the bororos and the farming communities."

"We focused mostly on the natural resources, but the cultural dimension was not addressed by the project, reason why we needed to do so because if cultures of the ethnic groups don't understand each then there is a tendency for the conflict to come back" Sali Django explained.

He also said it is important training the youths, which according to him is a key aspect, making them understand their roles and responsibilities in their different communities given that the form a good majority of the population and are willing to implement new ideas.

"We are focusing now on promoting intercultural Dialogue, as we target many groups, targeting women groups, farmers and graziers, as way to solve these different conflicts, while the workshop is targeting youths, youth leaders, so that they understand the cultures of the ethnic groups existing in their communities, as key aspect; what are cultural rights, to understand and tolerate these in their communities." Sali Django added.

Shei William, one of the facilitators in the workshop, says the workshop is timely, given the situation faced in the Northwest Region, as a result of the armed conflict and believes that the youths can contribute a great deal for peace and calm to return.

"We are in a workshop that concerns mainly leaders of youth associations within the region, it is timely and important because, the youths play a very important role in community development. They are the most agile group of persons and with the conflicts in most communities, youths are mostly the front line actors. The workshop only comes to remind the youth leaders about their roles and responsibilities, and the role that cultural diversity is playing, as far as their reponsibilities as leaders is concerned, reason because most of these conflicts come up because of cultural differences". Shey.. said

"The youths present here at the workshop, cut across the society, and the conflicts come from the misunderstandings these groups have. We think that if they understand themselves, they will be tolerant to interact with the others without having conflicts occuring" he added.

Participants were convinced that after understanding the objectives of the workshop, they will be able to mediate in their communities, while promoting intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity. Mbuh Derrick Ticha, is a national youth volunteer and is representing the Santa- Mesaw Youth Association in Santa.

" we are schooled on the role and responsibilities of youth leaders within their communities, as a young person and a youth leader, I learned that, working In a community, I must be considerate, see into it that other cultures are at peace with each other, i need to learn their culture in order not to bridge their human rights, because we are working on the project Bridging the Gap, to solve conflicts existing within our communities". He said.

Mbahiru Adamu, Secetary General  representing the Fulani Student and Development Association says it has been a productive workshop, because participation was high and alot of questions, worries have been answered, on what olis expected of youth leaders.

"I learnt about tolerance towards different cultures, accept cultural diversity and the responsibility we have as youth leaders to ensure that our communities, our people live together. I will sensitize on the values of cultural diversity, having a sense of responsibility by educating the people on what is right and the essence of living together" he said.

According to Sali Django, Youths are a key component of the society for development, undermining women and youths will be a failure to a project that needs implementation, he adds that MBOSCUDA is working with them to promote social intergration.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Bamenda 1 Council adopts over 388million during Administrative Account Session

Bamenda 1 Council holds its first session weeks after the elections of February 9th and Installation of Mayors, which saw the council running under the banner of the CPDM Party.

The council session takes place on April 15th 2020 to adopt 388,726,605 in revenue and 364,045029 in expenditure, in the Prescence of the Divisional Officer of Bamenda 1, Gilbert Guibai Baldena, City Mayor, Achombang Tambeng Paul, Mayor of Bamenda 1 Council, Mbigha Felix and Councilors.

The Administrative and Municipal Treasurers examined management accounts and were satisfied Which was adopted by the councilors present at the session.

The City Mayor appealed that Councilors be trained on how to better do presentations, especially with issues that have to do with the budget. He made this comment following the Presentations done by the different committees put in place to manage affairs within Bamenda 1 Council.

"Though with challenges, we will do our best as a new team that has come forth, we will work hard and double efforts to meet council goals in our municipality, we call on all elites and developers to be part of development goals especially the BAMECA, which is the development arm of the village"  Mbigha Felix tells the Press.

"My biggest challenge is the ghost towns, coupled with the crisis we are facing now and the Coming of  Covid 19, I call on my brothers in the bush to join me in fighting these difficulties and making our Municipality a better place" The Mayor added

The Mayor also mentions that he has started pushing through with projects that were uncompleted since 2018, while counting on the collaboration of those within his jurisdiction.


Covid 19, REWAC visits People with Special Needs.

Volunteers with Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon, REWAC with Head office in Bamenda, have visited Persons living with disabilities, to make the fight against Covid-19 Inclusive by providing them with kits to aid in prevention.

The exercise takes place April 16th, in Bamenda, Nancho, where members of the Coordinating Unit of Persons living with disabilities recieved REWAC and items brought to assist the fight against Covid-19.

REWAC offered items like buckets, soap and hand sanitizers to the representatives of persons living with disabilities; Nincho Samuel the Coordinator of the Unit, Veronica Ngum, President of Women Living with disabilities in the Northwest Region and Tonian Peter, President for Hope Social Union for the visually impaired.

Though they were happy that they were remembered to take part in the fight against Covid-19, they also recounted the challenges they faced, since the coming of the pandemic to Cameroon.

They told REWAC that outreach teams campaigning against the disease and the Government had forgotten about their needs during these challenges and had failed to provide them with what is needed to join in the fight against Covid-19.

Veronica Ngum, President of Women living with disabilities says the challenges are enormous, considering that the exercise of washing hands is not very adaptable to the situation of persons living with disabilities.

"Women with disabilities in the Northwest face alot of challenges in preventing themselves from Covid 19, Those using crutches touch places all the time, which is not allowed as part of preventive measures, visually impaired persons need to be guided and here the social distancing is not respected and it cannot be maintained amongst persons with disability." She explains.

"With the measures put in place by government, many people do not give assistance to those persons living with disability because according to them they will not be respecting the preventive measures against Covid-19" she added.

"In the markets there is an announcement welcoming people and asking them to wash hands, but for those who are deaf and dumb, they will have need to read a handwriting indication so and an arrow that points to the bucket." Veronica Ngum, President of Women Living with disabilities.

She adds that most of these persons living with disabilities need the hand Sanitizers, just incase most of them don't find the buckets stationed in public spaces adaptable, they can always sanitize their hands.

Tonian Peter, President of Hope Social Visual Impaired persons confirms that persons with disability or those who are visualy impaired have not recieved training on preventive measures on Covid 19.

"We have not recieved training from NGOs about the disease on how to fight this deadly disease,we are grateful to REWAC for this initiative and we pray many other copy the example and make this fight inclusive, because the disease can affect anyone. We have serious challenges fighting Covid 19, we don't have directives in public Institutions and most atimes no one directs us" he explains.

"I wash my hands together with the white cane if I find myself at the tap and some people will not not notice I don't see and will only shout In a loud tone, go and wash your hands there, without assisting me even when they notice I cannot find myself to the bucket. This is challenging and we appeal on all to make the fight against Covid-19 Inclusive" Tonian Peter tells The Guardian Post.

These Persons living with disabilities at the Coordinating Unit in Nancho, tell REWAC how relief they were to recieve the items to fight Covid 19 and mention that most of them have need for hand sanitizers, pleading that ha d sanitizers be provided to their peers across the Northwest Region, so that the fight remains inclusive.


Friday, April 17, 2020

Bike Riders in Bamenda Strike to demand Release of Bikes.

In the early hours of Tuesday April 14, Commercial bike riders(Bensikin) within the city of Bamenda were stopping colleagues, from carrying passengers to their different destinations.

Those who attempted not yielding to the call for strike action, were caught in a fight or had their keys seized. Inhabitants within the city of Bamenda were cued at different junctions of the town with difficulty reaching their different destinations.

The bensikin riders say the reason behind their strike action concerns the whereabouts of their bikes, seized by the forces of law and order, stationed at different check points of the town.

Some of them told this reporter that, they had gone up to authorities to regularize their situation and get their bikes, but after negotiating, their bikes were nowhere to be found.

Others suspected that their bikes have been sold to individuals living out of the region, and with these suspicions they are requesting for the return of their bikes in order to avoid the strike action from persisting.

"Bike riding is our means of survival, the administration started with registration at City council, passengers don't pay their fair well, fuel prices is still on the increase, recently bikes have been seized, yet owners cannot find their bikes. This is bad, and we demand that the bikes taken should be released" a bike rider, tells The Guardian Post.

" We have a problem and we believe our father the Governor of the Region will listen to us, we have been stopped to moved to his office but an administrator has invited us to talk and bring out solutions to the reasons we are striking for, we hope the message will calm my brothers, so that they can return home." A female rider tells the Press.

The riders staged a March to the Governor's office but were stopped on their way by the forces of law and order.
The Divisional Officer for Bamenda 1, Gilbert Guibai Baldena came down to calm down flares and advice them to abide by the laws and asked their representative to come to the office for dialogue.

Though the meeting didn't hold on Thursday April 16th, the City Mayor, Achombang Tambeng Paul adviced the bike riders to table their grievances to him and allow him concert with the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh, and ask them to get back to work in waiting.

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Tubah Mayor Launches Campaign against Covid 19 worth 20million

Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin has called on people of his subdivision to put aside their differences and stand together as one, to fight a common emermy, Covid 19.

He was speaking during the launch ceremony at the D.O's office, on Friday April 3rd, in the presence of stakeholders who represented the greater part of the population in Tubah subdivision.

100 containers of Hydro alcolholic solutions shared out to the strategic positions within Tubah, to serve as hand sanitizers, mask(nose guards), gloves, buckets, savon, were part of the items shared out to fight Covid-19.

" We thank God we are able to realise this project, sensitizing our people on Covid 19, The only vaccine we have is to respect the 13 measures put in place by the World Health Organization and the Government of Cameroon, above all people should respect distances and keep Clean" Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin.

The Mayor and his team put up a billboard, printed posters, T-shirts and flyers to better raise awareness on the need to fight Covid-19 and in the course of the launch, visited the University of Bamenda, with other monetary institutions within Tubah subdivision, providing them with the sanitizers and buckets to encourage the washing of hands.

"We are also by this exercise launching the total cleanliness of toilets, markets, houses and all other public places within Tubah. We are hopeful that there will be follow up and Tubah subdivision will be a place to be" Mayor Tanjong Martin added.

Implementing the 13 measures through the campaign against COVID-19 in Tubah subdivision, the District Medical officer, D.O and Mayor took part in a practical exercise to wash hands, to better educate the people on how it is done.

" The process to wash hands should take over 50 seconds, preferably 2 minutes scrubbing your palms perfectly" District Medical officer.


Mayor Bamenda 2 Rallies Quater Heads to Fight Covid 19.

The Mayor of Bamenda 2 has called on Quater heads in villages under the Bamenda 2 subdivision to be development partners and work as a team to achieve council goals.

He was speaking during a sensitization campaign on Covid 19, on April 8th 2020, to better implement the measures put forth by the World Health Organization and enforced by Government.

According to the Mayor of Bamenda 2, Chenwi Peter, the campaign was also meant to exchange ideas and making meaningful proposals that will impact the life of the common man.

" This meeting is meant to promote participatory development for the advancement of the Bamenda 2 Council, in face of the Covid 19 as the council distributes buckets, soaps and other items to kick out the disease".

Health Personels were present to educate the people on what Covid 19 is all about, how it came about and the mode of transmission.

"The quaterheads are development partners to the council, which is one of the drive to alleviate poverty in the municipality, assist in revenue collection, and get percentages at the end of the exercise." The Mayor added.

He further requested the support of traditional authorities who can also do well to play a role in bringing back, those in the bushes, to stand as one man and achieve council goals within the Municipality.

"Development is better oriented from the bottom top approach, because we are the ones feeling the pinch of what is going on within the region, like water related diseases, electricity and road networks, above all security challenges." Quater head of Alachu, Mankon.

Other Quater heads believed that the need for capacity building was of utmost importance because majority of them were ignorant of the law.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tecno Didi Electronics Prioritizes Health Over Wealth

One of the buisness magnets in the city of Bamenda, Ade Divine has decided to apply an initiative by spraying his shops and a few others along the streets of Commercial avenue.

Didi Electronics, as he is popularly known, took out time on Thursday April 2nd, to embark on the fight against COVID-19 by taking upon himself to spray detergent in and arround all his shop.

He says everyone should put hands on deck to fight this disease collectively before it hits Bamenda, taking the 13 measures implented by the World Health Organization and the Government very seriously.

"I am a buisness man and what I am doing, is my personal initiative to fight Covid-19,God has blessed us that it hasn't reach Bamenda yet, so we have to take preventive measures very seriously". Ade Tecno.

"I bought alcohol and some other disinfectants,with this equipment to spray my shop. I advice that everyone should use sanitizers or wash hands with water and sap frequently, especially after interacting with persons or touching items". Ade Divine told this blogger.

He appreciates the measures put in place by Government to fight Covid-19, and pleads with his peers and the population to do all to adhere to them.

Ndefru's Diary

Ndefru's Diary

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Members of Journalists Trade Union in Bamenda Frown at the Arrest of a Colleague

Following the arrest of Eric Golf Kouatchou, journalist and correspondent for Canal 2 International in Paris on Thursday April 2 2020 in Douala by unidentified security men, Members of the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union Noth West Chapter, in solidarity with other comrades of the Union Nationwide, decided to make public their dissatisfaction about treatment given to Press.

Coordinated by the Union Chapter Secetary, Ambe Macmillian Awah, members of the the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union, North West Region, wore black arm bands with their union vest through out the entire day as they go about their activities, to show concern with the situation of their colleague ,who's whereabouts is not known.

"Today we stand up for a colleague who was taken away by the system, and this is our own way as Unionist to cry foul, that Journalism must not be caged, neither should Journalists, this is why we stand for him and we will always stand for all Journalists. Journalism must strive" Secretary of the Union Chapter in Northwest, Ambe Macmillian Awah.

Members frowned and expressed their feelings with their vest, face mask and black bands on and the Secretary said, the face mask was another way of demonstrating the awareness of keeping preventive measures against the Covid-19 disease, while practicing.

"As Journalists we are not different from the happenings in the country and in the world at large, that's why we are also taking measures as Press Men, we should lead by example and eventhough we are in pain with what has happened to our colleague, we are also following the measures put in place by the government, to prevent Covid-19" Ambe Macmillian added.

The President of the Union Chapter, Bakah Derrick assures members that other directives will be given if the provocation continues and pleaded with members to put on their face mask when going about their daily reporting, especially during the advent of the Covid-19.

"We are by this token requesting everyone to wear a face mask and respect social distancing as you step out of home in cases of absolute necessity" President of Union, Bakah Derrick.

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