Bamenda 2 Mayor Meets the Challenges of the People, Fights Covid-19

The Mayor for Bamenda 2 Council, his deputy and team have taken the fight against Covid-19 to the next level, involving the people within the Bamenda 2 sub division, using a caravan.

This exercise took place on April 22nd, as Chenwi Peter, Mayor of Bamenda 2 and his 2nd Deputy, Njoko Frida used a Caravan to sensitize the people of Bamenda about Covid-19, targeting major institutions, Agencies and other focal points in the town.

The Mayor offered items to some companies like Nextel, Lakings, Orange Cameroon, Mezam Polyclinic, Bamenda Main Market and other traveling Agencies, giving them buckets, soap and tissue, for them to join the fight, against Covid-19.

Some health personnel from the Bamenda Regional Hospital, had the opportunity to educate the masses about the deadly disease, while emphasizing on preventive measures.

Onlookers who couldn't afford for some of the items, appreciated the gesture from the Mayor of Bamenda 2 council, promoting the hand washing exercise through the donations.

" We are grateful for this kind move by the Mayor of Bamenda 2, who has remembered us in times of need, with these buckets and soaps given to us, we will be able to wash our hands and the bucket will be positioned in a way that everyone passing will be able to make use." One of the women selling along the streets of Bamenda, tells the Mayor in appreciation.

Visiting the MTN network building, many people gathered to listen to the message preached during the Caravan and witnessed the Network's manager recieve items from the Mayor of Bamenda 2, Chenwi Peter and his 2nd Deputy, Njoko Frida.

"I wish to say I am very pleased to have recieved these gifts from the Mayor of Bamenda 2 and his team, the head office of the network service is found in Bamenda 2 and this exercise goes to show the kind of relationship we intended building with the Bamenda 2 Council." Albert Mua, Manager MTN network Northwest Region.

"Actions like this calms the tension felt by the people of Bamenda, considering that the Northwest Region has already recorded it's first case." He added.

Other shops arround city chemist and along the streets of Commercial avenue, benefitted from the items shared by the Bamenda 2 Council, which lives no one behind in the fight against Covid-19.

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