Elites join Mayor of Bafut to Rescue the People Amidst Gun Battles.

The Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongho Lawrence together with the Elites of Bafut, have pleaded with the population to respect the 13measures it in place by Government to fight Covid-19.

He was speaking during an excercise on April 22nd, where the Mayor in close collaboration with the Divisional Officer of Bafut, shared out buckets, soap, tissue and face mask to help the masses fight the deadly Pandemic.

Despite the gun battles in Bafut, elites and other traditional rulers, brave the odds to accompany the Mayor fight Covid-19 and they did same by calling on separatists fighters and on the Bafut population to do same.

" Let all politicians and those with political differences put aside self interest, and join the young
Mayor fight this deadly disease. The disease does not know us by names or Tittles and that is why there is need for us to put aside our political differences, to conquer this health crisis." Sunjo Samuel, Elite and senior quater head in Bafut.

The Mayor of the Bafut Council emphasized that, the fight should be a collective one and with the vastness of Bafut, he cannot do that alone if he does not get the support of the people. He said the kits may not be enough and needed support for the crusade to be effective.

"We are calling on the elites of Bafut, those residing out of the region that, these things are not enough, considering the vast nature of Bafut. They should support the Bafut council so that, we can move into the hinterlands to safe the lives of those our people who are not privileged to have all of these things that we have today”. Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongho Lawrence.

The District Medical head in Bafut,Dr.Njefi Yves,enlightened the people about the disease and asked that preventive measures be practiced seriously, considering that the Northwest Region had recorded it's first case.

He also informed the press that, corpses entering Bafut for burial, are being disinfected at the entrance to Bafut, as part of ways to take precautions against the deadly disease, Covid-19.

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