CCMN Northwest Takes on 2nd Phase of Peace Project

The Cameroon Community Media Network (CCMN) has come to the end of the first phase of the Peace project with some media houses and Journalists in the Northwest region.

The last phase of the meeting held on Saturday, April 25th at Church centre small Mankon, in the prescence of the National Coordinator of the CCMN, Rose Obah Akah who doubles as the Regional Coordinator.

The Peace project, born during the phase of the Anglophone Crisis, sponsored by the PCC office and other partners, records about 75% success, as members of the network,carried out different productions on a variety of platforms, with more content focusing on the community.

Reflecting on the impact of the project, the national Coordinator, Rose Obah Akah made remarks about the stories peached and reported by members on Radio, Television,Print and online. She said the narrative had changed positively, inline with peace reports and reactions to crisis situations.

" I wish to thank everyone for the effort put in by every CCMN member to realise a certain percentage of success in this project. We noticed that most news articles had a different approach, using the bottom- top approach" Rose Obah said.

" We must uderstand that the project is not 100% perfect, else there will be no need for a second phase, reason why we are giving room for members to register a-new" Rose Obah,National and Regional Coordinator for the Northwest, added.

The Project Assistant, Guilbert Ndasi said the production feedback did not realise great improvement, because it did not have an impact on members of the network.

He noted with interest that the project, to an extent, did not have an impact on a good number of Journalists, before being Peace oriented. He encouraged that those who will be part of the 2nd phase, should be committed in their productions and report objectively.

One of the members of the network and Peace Journalists
Gnoukapasi Martial, reporting for Afrique Nouvelle and a blogger, appreciated the efforts Of the Network and the efforts of board members who rendered account of their activities for the past years.

"For the past 2years I have learnt a lot on community oriented journalism,thanks to this project,I understood the crisis and how to go about coverage without being a victim.CCMN has situatuated it's members on how to report on the crisis,using the Peace approach" he said.

"Our news reports no longer please newsmakers,rather it helps build our communities." he added

The CCMN network in the Northwest region, registers 4 new members, who said they had followed the reports of some Peace Journalists and made the decision to one part of the team.

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