Anglophone Crisis: Northwest Mayors and MPs Poised to Synergize For the Return of Peace

                   maiden conclave

Members of Parliament, Mayors and some traditional leaders within the Northwest region sat in an Inaugural meeting to talk about the development of the region and how to better serve the Community or people they represent.

The maiden meeting held at the MINEPAT hall in Bamenda on September 5th 2020, in the prescence of Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique and Senator Regina Mundi a Poli bureau member and member of the Northwest regional team for the CPDM, being the chair at the meeting, representing Philemon Yang, the regional coordinator of the central committee to the Northwest region.

The inaugural meeting's discussion focused on the collaboration between Mayors and MPs, MPs and Party hierarchy, Elected officials and administration and to do a follow up and prepare for back to school 2020/2021 academic year, not forgetting regional elections.

Senator Regina Mundi adviced that, members of parliament, Mayors, traditional leaders, all stakeholders in the region should learn to take along those who are not in line

Regina Mundi addressing MPs and Mayors of the NWR

with the vision of peace and progress, because "the principle of living together is very important and we must be ready to welcome everyone, be supportive and be one another's keeper".

"The results of the meeting should go right down to the grassroot, the message to the grassroot is that, they should remain calm and vigilant, and stay true to the ideals of this country" she added

The City Mayor of the Bamenda City council, Achobong Tambeng Paul did not fail to mention the effects of the crisis to the region's economy, that "has caused economic recession and there is need for the amendment of the constitution. That all Cameroonians shall swear their love for the fatherland and by no means, shall any individual or groups of individual, irrespective of their grievances, pick up arms against their fatherland."

Members of Central Committee and Governor of NWR

The idea of bringing members of parliament and Mayors together was nursed by Senator Regina Mundi, and echoed by the Questor of the National Assembly, Njingum Musa, who believed that the importance of the collaboration between Mayors and members of Parliament is to achieve a goal.

With decentralization getting full swing, MPs and Mayors will be able to work in Synergy to meet the aspirations of the people and to him this is the only way through which they can get concretely realize the people's confidence.

Njingum Musa, Questor of National Assembly talking to Press

"Let us let those who are not willing to welcome peace, know that they are destroying this region. We will do our efforts to educate them, so that tomorrow we will not be blamed for not doing our part. We will do all to tell those who still have arms in their keeping that they are destroying this region and Parliamentarians and Mayors must stand as one man to fight and bring progress to the region. We must remove that mindset of fear and work for the return of Peace", he said.

Other members of Parliament, felt the conclave was a good idea, because according to them the platform will harmonize energy for the common good of the local population. Ngala Gerald, MP for Donga Mantung, was categorical about the need for peace to return and for children to return to school this upcoming academic year 2020/2021.

Honorable Ngala Gerald

"We come together, the MPs and the Mayors to a platform because with the crisis that have affected the Northwest Region, we need to put our energy together and try to bring back peace, this cannot be done without the MPs and the Mayors collaborating. The Mayors are working at the level of the council areas and we bring policies from Yaoundé and put our heads together to look at the immediate needs of the local population, meeting their expectations, and get ideas for peace to return" Ngala Gerald.

"We have to share ideas and see what to do so that schools effectively resume, we will be collaborating with the , administration so that we implement in a very conduisive atmosphere. We need to talk to parents and make sure their kids return to school. It is important that the villagers, our electorates and other sympathizers should collaborate with administration, to ensure that school effectively resumes in the Northwest region" he added.

Over 18 points on resolutions were adopted in the conclave, amongst which Mayors promised to meet twice a year, while working with their party heirachy to draft projects and to prepare for the upcoming regional elections. Mayors were challenged to set up municipal police to facilitate their work in council areas.

The Representative of Mayors at the Regional level, Awoh Denis Ndang, Mayor of Fundong Council mentioned that priority was for peace to return and the need for children to return to the classrooms.

Awoh Denis Ndang, President of Mayors at the Regional level

"We have to prepare the grounds and make sure schools have already registered children, to talk to parents, let them see the importance of education, explaining why we are lost for the past 4 years, and put in place modalities for schools to resume hitch-free." Awoh Denis Ndang.

The CPDM party has 33 out of 34 councils in the Northwest Region, 18 out of 20 parliamentary seats at the February 9th Municipal and Legislative elections and to Senator Regina Mundi, the regional elections will put in place a structure for the development of the region by the region.

"The population is a mirror, through which our party is seen, the people of the grassroots must look for persons who are selfless to carry out work for the region that will benefit everybody, they must know that we cannot carry out any degree of development without working in an atmosphere of peace" She said.

"It is important that everyone comes on board and know that the region remains ours, we must look and work for the peace we need in the region and also to transform the region, to the type that everyone will want to come and feel secured/comfortable" Senator Regina Mundi.

Familly photograph

By Ndefru Melanie


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