High Expectations In Bamendankwe, as New Fon sits on Throne

Fon Forcheisiri III
photo credit: Kouamo Arnauld

The coming of the new Fon, Forcheisiri III, instills hope in the hearts of the Bamendankwe people, considered as a new era, with high expectations that natives will finally get over the difficult time experienced in their history.

leader of traditional Council, Ndumu Martin, addressing Elites

According to the leader of the traditional council, Ndumu Martin, "Under kwifon,the Fon is the polical leader of the village, he is the custodian of village lands, the chief administrator of the village, cultural leader of the people, the high priest of the traditional worship of ancestors", the tasks attached to his crown, amongst other responsibilities.

Fon Forcheisiri III presented to Administrative Authourities 

The 26th Fon ascending the throne of the Bamendankwe people, Fon Forcheisiri III, Graduated with a bachelor degree in banking and finance from  National Polytechnic Bamenda and is currently in the school of National school of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM.

Mezam SDO addressing the clan

The Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam Division, Simon Emile Mooh, believes that with the qualification of the new Fon, the discharge of functions within Bamendankwe would not be a challenge to the new Fon.

" The qualification of the new Fon of the Bamendankwe, has proven beyond doubts that, the problem faced on security challenges and the return of peace will be handled without any major challenges. We the administration in the region will accompany him in resolving the plights of the people" Simon Emile Mooh, SDO Mezam.

Cross section of indigenous population in Bamendankwe

The Bamendankwe people mourns the passing on of their Fon, Fon Nfongwa II, while rejoicing at the coming of a new Fon, from whom much is expected.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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