Sunday, May 24, 2020

Bamenda 2 Council Caps Outdoor Competition, with Award of Prizes

People within Bamenda 2 subdivision have appreciated the Mayor of Bamenda 2 Council, Chenwi Peter, for allowing the Youths showcase their talents through a sports competition.

The participants took part in the Mini Marathon race within the city of Bamenda, with 54 male and 16 female persons taking part in the competition.

They expressed satisfaction at Ayaba Hotel Bamenda, on May 24th 2020 while taking part in the final phase of the 3day competition, which started on May 22nd.

Other activities including long tennis and swimming were part of sport disciplines scheduled for the competition, with the youngest being 3years in the e swimming competition.

"Through this competition, we animate the spirit of peace Love and unity for one another, during the ongoing armed conflict and intensify the fight against Covid-19." Mayor Chenwi Peter.

"We cannot talk about peace when people have nothing to eat,that why we put in place a financial package so that people could have something to take home to their famillies" he added.

He organised the tournament to promote Peace within his jurisdiction, with about 8 Ex- fighters taking part in some of the disciplines scheduled for the competition.

4 Categories involved in the competition, including kids as young as 10years old.

Female junior
1st Dohgima Neris
2nd Ekinyuy Edna

Female senior
1st Wirba Mary-Grace
2nd Bangsi Vivian

Junior male
1st Manjo Mohammed
2nd Tefu Freddy

Senior male
1st Hama Adama Ousmanu
2nd Abdou Saidou

1st Muam Emmanuel
2nd Doghima Emmanuel


Friday, May 22, 2020

Bamenda 2 Mayor boost health of Population amidst Covid-19

Athletes and sports lovers have gathered at Ayaba Hotel Bamenda, to welcome the initiative of the Bamenda 2 Council, as the Mayor Launches a 3day sport activity within Covid times.

Speaking in Bamenda on May 22nd, in the prescence of his deputy and councilors, Mayor Chenwi Peter launched sporting activities to boost up the health of his people amidst the health crisis and armed conflict.

He says the municipality is that of breakthrough and the vision being that of reuniting the Youths, because he thinks no one would do it better if his people don't come together to device a means to live in harmony.

"We are fighting Covid-19, fighting insecurity, we are also thinking reuniting our municipality to live as one, our Municipality is that of breakthrough" Mayor Bamenda 2.

" I thank the Press to have beeing supportive and following up on our activities amidst health and security challenges, the press has contributed alot to the calm that is being observed in town. He added.

The Mayor thinks the tournament is necessary to reunite Youths, because focus has not being given to sporting activities due to the armed conflict.

"There is no need constructing houses or building schools, building bridges when there are people in the hospital who do not have medication and people are home without food to eat" Chenwi Peter, Mayor Bamenda 2.

"Sporting activities have been down because of the armed conflict and through sporting activities,we can reconcile communities and we must use the media to build our region." He added.

Mayor Chenwi launched the sporting activities as he took part in playing long tennis and youth boys/ girls kickstarted the swimming competition, the youngest being 3years.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

MP for Momo West visits His Constituency with Basic Needs.

Awutah Philip, Member of Parliament for Momo West has given some items to the people of his constituency, believing that the basic needs are desired by his people during the current health crisis and ongoing armed Conflict.

He was speaking in Bamenda on May 16th, in the prescence of first deputy mayor of Njikwa, Angho Kenneth and Mayor of Widikum-Boffe council, Anduh Stanislous Tambu. Items provided include; bags of rice, cartons of savon, bags of salt and packets of maggi worth over 3.5million.

The member of Parliament continues to count on the people for their collaboration, to make peace return to their Constituency, while reminding them on the need to adhere to government measures, to prevent against Covid-19.

He told The Guardian Post that he understands the difficulties of the people, trying to afford for some basic needs within the health crisis and the ongoing armed conflict, and they need to assure their safety in double capacity.

"These items are for the people of my constituency, thanking them for standing by me and giving me success during the elections re-run and appealing that they accept them and help their families during this health crisis and the ongoing armed conflict", Awutah Philip said.

" I continue to call on the people to work in synergy so that long lasting peace returns, not only to Mbengwi but to Momo as a whole, urging them to keep safe" he added.

 Mayor of Widikum-Boffe council, Anduh Stanislous Tambu says that, vulnerable persons will benefit more from the items given by the Honorable member of Parliament, because they are the ones suffering a great effect of the armed conflict.

"These items offered by the Member of Parliament will benefit those who are vulnerable because we believe they suffer more from the health challenges and armed conflict, these basics will be shared to them through their quater heads so it gets to the real beneficiaries" Mayor Widikum said.

" Gradually people are returning from the Bushes, we are praying that these items can help them as they start their lives again" he added.

Mayor of Njikwa, Angho Kenneth  thinks that reaching out to the people is not a problem though there is still little Influence from the separatists fighter but believes gradually success will be recorded with Peace.

"We no longer talk about difficulty accessing the roads, the road is motorable but because of insecurity we must take precautions to transfer these items to the division. We pray the people recieve it so that it helps them during the current health crisis and armed conflict." He said.


Covid-19: MINSANTE visits Northwest Region, Evaluating Pandemic Response

The Secetary of State in the Ministry of Public Health In charge of epidemics and pandemic, Alim Hayatou has paid a working visit to the Northwest Region  to evaluate the situation of the pandemic response.

He made his visit to the region on May 15th, 2020 and was recieved by the Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique and his Entourage, at the screening post of Covid-19 at matazem.

The Regional Delegate of Public Health, Kingsley Che Nsoh, joined the team that recieved the Minister to the Region and showed him what is done to curb the spread of the pandemic in the region, beginning with the screening of persons at matazem.

The Minister visited low cost centres, the incident command centre, treatment centre, Isolation and pre-isolation wards at the Regional Hospital Bamenda and ended at Azam Hotel, which is a quarantine and treatment centre in the Northwest Region.

The Minister was pleased with the structures, put aside for Isolation centres and also cautioned that it was important for the medic personnel to have all the facilities needed to care for patients that are tested positive.

"I like the energy that doctors and nurses are putting up to fight Covid-19, respecting all the measures put in place by government, sacrificing alot to save the life's of patients who have tested positive, I like the synergy between health personels and I call on the population to be cooperative, during this health crisis" Alim Hayatou said.

"It is a humanitarian problem faced by many countries across the world and I pray the medical doctors, nurses and population join forces with President Paul Biya to fight the deadly Pandemic, Covid-19." He added

The visit ended with a working session at Ayaba hotel, Bamenda with the reception of traditional rulers by the Minister, Alim Hayatou.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Mbayu Felix Supports Moslem Community During Ramadan

Elites of Old Town Bamenda have received gifts from The Minister of external Relations incharge of Commonwealth, Mbayu Felix, a son of the soil and an Elite in the Old Town neighborhood.

The gifts which included 40cartoons of dates sweet and 50cartoons of sugar, were recieved by the Saarki of Old Town on Friday May 15th, 2020 during their fast period, the Ramadan.

The representative of the Minister, Ndimbu Polycarp olsaid the Minister who is also an Elite in Old Town, was offering the items to support them during their fast, so that the fast period records a success.

He added that the Minister is also in a way thanking the people of Old Town for standing by him at the times most needed. He urged the population of Old Town to maintain peace and tranquility as it has been the case for the past 4years.

Aladji Baba Tanko, an elite appreciated Minister Mbayu for the gesture and said the items came in very timely as Moslems are in the last days of their fast and that the items will strengthen them not to fall prey to temptation.

"The minister is showing love through the things he is offering and calls on all to continue to respect measures in order not to fall prey to covid-19." He added

"The gift is an Energizer to push through with the fast, to add more strength to overcome temptation and maintain peace in the Moslem community."

Minister Mbayu Felix have also sent significant quantities of moslem goods to the Bamenda 2 Council, and the Mayor will be incharge of distributing to smaller  Muslim Communities.

His highness, Sarrki Hamza expreses appreciation to Minister Mbayu Felix for the construction of the Palace and other Mosques arround Old Town. He equally shows gratitude for the gesture that strengthens Moslems in their believe.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Covid-19: BeLA Trains Media on Gender Sensitive Reporting

Media practitioners in the Northwest region have discovered a new angle to Covid-19, through a training with Beacon of Light Association, on the need to mount efforts in mainstreaming gender in their reporting of Covid 19.

This training took place on Wednesday May 13th, in Bamenda, persuading the Media, to see the need of reporting on the needs of women and girls during Covid times.

BeLA says "women are rather suffering a huge impact of Covid-19, while the schools are shut, women are more focused at home caring for the children, women being Frontline health workers and at risk, in the economic sector, most women and girls are into buisness, with their level of sanitation posing a worry",Eleen Ndze Beacon, CEO BeLA said.

The Divisional Delegate for Women Empowerment and the familly, Mr Wirba Hassan noted with keen interest that, women especially those living with disabilities, women of some communities and those displaced are bound to live with a double challenge to cater for themselves during Covid-19 times.

The workshop involved Local language broadcaaters, broadcasters of Tv, Radio, Newspaper and Online, acquiring skills on gender sensitive reporting on Covid-19, pitching new stories on Covid-19 and amplifying the voices of women and girls.

Teke Kingsley, Coordinator of the Covid Project in the Northwest Region, gave more knowledge on Covid-19, the need to get tested and also outlined the challenges faced in recieving patients who have been tested Positive.

According to BeLA there are a few areas lacking, in reporting on the health pandemic and with the use of a practical exercise, new angles to stories were pitched and trainees appreciated BeLA for the new twist, away from the usual information got on Tv and Radio, based on Covid-19.

"I am grateful to have been part of the training, because any content I will be putting together for broadcasting on Covid-19 will focus on women. It is away from the usual we hear on TV and Radio and this particular focus highlights the needs of women and girls." Local Language braodcaster from Kumbo.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Covid 19; Rural areas begin Recieving Covid-19 Kits

Inhabitants in Wum Central, Menchum Division have recieved their own share of Covid-19 Kits, as part of the Presidential Largesse, to help the people fight the deadly Pandemic, Coronavirus.

The kits that comprise of Savon, hand sanitizers, face mask, wash hand basins, buckets with taps were distributed on May 13th, after the Senior Divisional officer, Abdoulahi Aliu chaired the Launching, in his jurisdiction.

The measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus was respected by all who answered present to recieve the gift. The Mayor of Wum Council, Dighambong Anthony cautioned all to use the kits for the purpose of which it is served.

"Let us remember to always clean and desinfect all surfaces of common use: door handles, switches and remote controls at least twice a day with desinfectants. Let's protect our children by avoiding contact between them and anyone else, even neighbours and relatives in order to protect them from COVID-19 infection." Mayor Wum Council.

The Senior Divisional Officer cautioned same about the respect of preventive measures and immediately, a committee began the distribution of the anti Covid kits.

Meantime, areas like Weh, Esu, Benakuma, Zhoa, Furawa under the other other sub Divisions that make up Menchum, are yet to receive  and benefit from the use of these Covid-19 kits .


Sunday, May 10, 2020

MECUDA donates anti Covid-19 kits and Challenged to Fight Terrorists Activities.

The current health crisis faced in Cameroon and across the world has caused the Meta Cultural and Development Association, MECUDA to raise funds and purchase kits; buckets with taps, wash hand bowls,cartons of soap, face masks to help combat Covid-19, in their municipality.

The event took place on Thursday May 7th in Mbengwi at the Mbon Moto park, as people gathered to recieve the message on prevention against the Coronavirus disease.

The Meta Anti Covid Response Challenge (METACREC) and a Rural Response collaborative effort from the elites of Meta land across the national and international territory, channelled anti Covid-19 kits to the people through the administration and home based Elites.

The Honorable member of Parliament for Momo East, Injoh Spouse Foo Ngang Prodencia Awa, expressed satisfaction and showed gratitude to MECUDA for the laudable initiative. She adds that one of the elites of Meta Land, the Minister Delegate of State Audit at the Presidency, Mbah Acha Rose Nee Fomundam, had contributed immensely to the fight against Covid-19 in Meta.

" This idea is supported by her Excellency, as she donate to the community, buckets with taps, facemask, hand Sanitizers, soaps, wash hand basins, gel and as an Agent of development, I cannot work with a sick Community, that is why I took this initiative as a very important assignment, to ensure that the Community is healthy". Injoh Prodencia.

"MECUDA has come out as one man to fight against Covid-19, under the Canopy of Health, Education is also important and our Children have not gone to school for than 3years today and I also challenge MECUDA to come out as one man and ensure our children all go to school come June" She added.

While thanking Elites of the Meta Land who demonstrated that Unity is Strength through their collective efforts, she pledges to register first 5 students in schools within her constituency at school resumption and adds that the Minister, will provide for basics and schools needs for the pupils and students of the municipality.

During the Launching of the anti Covid-19 in Meta Land, The Divisional Officer officer, Esapa Jarvis thanked the Meta elites for thinking of home during the health crisis and challenged MECUDA to create an anti terrorists challenge response, to fight terrorists activities that have slowed down development in the division.

" MECUDA has used an initiative to carry out an activity, to extend a sphere of Influence considering the propagation and prevenntion of the deadly disease, Covid-19. The association has made efforts to donate materials that are required for the prevention of this virus, not only to their peers in Mbengwi but to all who live in Mbengwi." The D.O said.

"If MECUDA stands for the fight against Covid-19 and protecting persons, we also have being facing security challenges which has slowed down development, they too could also create an anti terrorist commission to bring our brothers and sisters out from the bush". He added.

According the the Home Coordinator of MECUDA, Mbamuri Anje Stephen, community health workers will go door to door to do checks and sensitize more. He adds that the launching will intensify sensitization while spreading word to other villages, because all along sensitization has been done at Mbengwi central.


Monday, May 4, 2020

"My Community needs a Good Health Centre", Atakem Tambo

Behind him, is one of the beds used in attending to patients.

Atakem Zephaniah Tambo is his name, a nurse volunteering in Nyenneba, attending to vulnerable persons in his Community.

Nyenneba is one of the 59villages that form Upper Bayang Sub Division, In Manyu Division of the Southwest Region.

Atakem has this only small clinic which lacks Everything to meet up the hundreds of persons flooding in for medical aid and eventhough, Zephaniah is living with dissabiliy and has special needs, he is ready to safe humanity. Consult patients coming to his little clinic and administer drugs.

These are examples of the beds where patients lay on.

He needs help, he appeals with persons of goodwill, Elites within his Community, to help him get hospital beds, drugs and other facilities to keep the sick in comfort while they heal.

The need for a good centre is a priority to him, to help safe lives. He works with in collaboration with Think Big Association.

"We need partners from NGOs and other People who can support what I do, making efforts to attend to those dick within my area. I belief God will to make this a reality". He said.

Ndefru's Diary


Prisoners From Mbengwi Central Prison Regain Freedom

Four inmates of the Mbengwi principal prison, in Momo Division have join other prisoners across the national territory, in regaining their freedom through a Presidential Degree.

Amongst the four who regained their freedom from the mbengwi principal prison in Momo division, are three men and the a lady Tanfo prisca.

They have expressed thanks and gratitude to the Head of state president Paul Biya for thinking about them in the advent of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

One of them, Mbandi James told the press that he has been transformed in the detention facility and will henceforth remain a good citizen.

He intends to move over to Yaounde to engage in business, after he had been sentenced for aggravated theft.

The acting superintendent of the Mbengwi principal prison has advised them to stay away from any acts that might land them in trouble. Mr Kobi Stanley Tayong said with the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic, their release should encourage them practice the measures put in place by government so as to stay clear of the disease.

The mbengwi principal prison was created in 1972, contained over 120 inmates. In 2017, the number rose to 122 inmates slightly above the normal. The facility for now has a total of 24 inmates, 23 men and just a single lady who was brought in for attempted murder.

Following the presidential largesse, three men and the lone lady regained freedom. The event was observed in the presence of the first assistant SDO for Momo and the Divisional officer for mbengwi central, Esapa Javis.