Bamenda 2 Mayor boost health of Population amidst Covid-19

Athletes and sports lovers have gathered at Ayaba Hotel Bamenda, to welcome the initiative of the Bamenda 2 Council, as the Mayor Launches a 3day sport activity within Covid times.

Speaking in Bamenda on May 22nd, in the prescence of his deputy and councilors, Mayor Chenwi Peter launched sporting activities to boost up the health of his people amidst the health crisis and armed conflict.

He says the municipality is that of breakthrough and the vision being that of reuniting the Youths, because he thinks no one would do it better if his people don't come together to device a means to live in harmony.

"We are fighting Covid-19, fighting insecurity, we are also thinking reuniting our municipality to live as one, our Municipality is that of breakthrough" Mayor Bamenda 2.

" I thank the Press to have beeing supportive and following up on our activities amidst health and security challenges, the press has contributed alot to the calm that is being observed in town. He added.

The Mayor thinks the tournament is necessary to reunite Youths, because focus has not being given to sporting activities due to the armed conflict.

"There is no need constructing houses or building schools, building bridges when there are people in the hospital who do not have medication and people are home without food to eat" Chenwi Peter, Mayor Bamenda 2.

"Sporting activities have been down because of the armed conflict and through sporting activities,we can reconcile communities and we must use the media to build our region." He added.

Mayor Chenwi launched the sporting activities as he took part in playing long tennis and youth boys/ girls kickstarted the swimming competition, the youngest being 3years.

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