MP for Momo West visits His Constituency with Basic Needs.

Awutah Philip, Member of Parliament for Momo West has given some items to the people of his constituency, believing that the basic needs are desired by his people during the current health crisis and ongoing armed Conflict.

He was speaking in Bamenda on May 16th, in the prescence of first deputy mayor of Njikwa, Angho Kenneth and Mayor of Widikum-Boffe council, Anduh Stanislous Tambu. Items provided include; bags of rice, cartons of savon, bags of salt and packets of maggi worth over 3.5million.

The member of Parliament continues to count on the people for their collaboration, to make peace return to their Constituency, while reminding them on the need to adhere to government measures, to prevent against Covid-19.

He told The Guardian Post that he understands the difficulties of the people, trying to afford for some basic needs within the health crisis and the ongoing armed conflict, and they need to assure their safety in double capacity.

"These items are for the people of my constituency, thanking them for standing by me and giving me success during the elections re-run and appealing that they accept them and help their families during this health crisis and the ongoing armed conflict", Awutah Philip said.

" I continue to call on the people to work in synergy so that long lasting peace returns, not only to Mbengwi but to Momo as a whole, urging them to keep safe" he added.

 Mayor of Widikum-Boffe council, Anduh Stanislous Tambu says that, vulnerable persons will benefit more from the items given by the Honorable member of Parliament, because they are the ones suffering a great effect of the armed conflict.

"These items offered by the Member of Parliament will benefit those who are vulnerable because we believe they suffer more from the health challenges and armed conflict, these basics will be shared to them through their quater heads so it gets to the real beneficiaries" Mayor Widikum said.

" Gradually people are returning from the Bushes, we are praying that these items can help them as they start their lives again" he added.

Mayor of Njikwa, Angho Kenneth  thinks that reaching out to the people is not a problem though there is still little Influence from the separatists fighter but believes gradually success will be recorded with Peace.

"We no longer talk about difficulty accessing the roads, the road is motorable but because of insecurity we must take precautions to transfer these items to the division. We pray the people recieve it so that it helps them during the current health crisis and armed conflict." He said.


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