Tuesday, March 31, 2020

"We must disinfect the city to curb Covid-19" Bamenda City Mayor

Emergency Procedures to curb Covid-19 as part of local arrangements within the framework of the city, has been taken by the City Mayor of Bamenda, Achombang Tambeng Paul, who is calling on all inhabitants of the city to be very collaborative in fighting the common emermy.

He was speaking in a Press briefing convenned at Parcour Vita Bamenda, on March 31st, in the prescence of city council staff and stakeholders concerned with the hygiene and sanitation of the town.

He announced that on Friday April 3rd, a disinfecting excercise will take place on the streets of commercial avenue while all shops arround the area will be locked. He advices the market masters present at the meeting to share out flyers given to them by the City council,to the people informing them about the exercise.

In the municipality, the City Mayor, notes that the first hazard faced is the Anglophone hazard, the second being the hazard of gabbage and the 3rd, the apparent advent of the Corona virus.

"It is our decision to fight or not to fight and die. We will not spare any efforts in fighting against the virus, since Bamenda which has no recorded any case. Hysacam Is making an effort but it is not enough, collective efforts could push the preventive measures to a better standard". He said.

"This Friday, the main market, foodmarket and other commercial centres,all kiosk and trade unions, none will be open on friday because there will be a disinfecting excercise to spread across T-junction to city chemist" he added.

"I call on all Amba boys to join the teams to clean n disinfected the town, because once the disease they too will be affected" Achombang Tambeng Paul, City Mayor Bamenda.

He adds that for clarity sake a small unit will be created at the city council to issue receits to stakeholders to bring any financial support, towards the

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Stakeholders and Journalists Called to Sensitize on COVID-19

The City Mayor of Bamenda city Council, Achombong Tambeng Paul has made his first outing, held a security meeting with major city dwellers in Bamenda to implement measures to prevent COVID-19.

He notes that because of diverse interest of the people, with issues relating to the ongoing crisis, which has divided the people. He reminds the people that there is need to unite as one and fight the deadly disease affecting many countries across the world.

The Regional Delegate for Commerce, Goghomo Abel emphasized on the need to protect consumers from the goods and services they buy and provide, above all the market.

He told stakeholders that it was important for Hygiene and sanitation to be maximized in the region, as a major step to fight the virus. Respecting measures like; Social distancing and staying at home, respect schedule for circulation and public operation.

" It is important for us to practice Opening and cleaning between 6am and 8am, cleaning and closing between 4pm and 5pm, by 6pm all Commercial stores,all markets and commercial centers closed, inorder to avoid defaulting and facing sanctions". He added.

In line with the exaggeration on foodstuff in other towns, the regional delegate for Commerce, mentioned they need for circulation of all basic and necessity goods in all Commercial centers, while prices of goods and services should not be exaggerated given the crisis situation.

"Prices of goods should be published for buyers to avoid interaction or touching" he said.

The secetary general meaning the affairs of food market,says "there is a high risk that the market itself can contaminate the whole town and things that possible measures to prevent the disease should be perculiar to the market dwellers or sellers."
Despite the pressure put on citizens by government, many seem to be lookwarm about the outbreak of the dissease in the Region.

" With the creation of task force, using the forces of law n order, it is going to be challenging, considering the situation in the region. We need a change of mindset. We will purchase a small loud speaker and a good talker to get the message across". City Mayor added

The City Mayor is convinced that the journalists are capable to do their job to educate the mass and with this conclusion, he sees a reason for a press conference to address the situation concerning the disease.

Staff of Bamenda 1 council begin work, a day after the meeting, to clean up garbage arround their area, to send signals that work has already began on hygiene and sanitation in the region.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Frank Talk: Gideon Taka Shuns Bad Practice In Journalism.

"In the debate that is ongoing regarding the type of journalism practised by some of media houses, allow me take an issue with the use of the idea "business" as an objective of some journalists.

Yes, every human endeavour is "business" because it is and must be organised towards profit making, a positive result.

The business of media publications is well defined in the ethics adopted by all practitioners and enshrined in the laws of the land.

The business of journalism, as is well understood, is principally to uncover "hidden" facts that may assist to propel the society forward towards the good life.

This is the duty of the practising journalist who is equipped and knows how to discriminate among many contending facts with the sole aim of bringing proactive and functional information to the public.

Some opinions that I have read on forums, have generally agreed on this traditional definition of journalism but have added a shift to depict the necessity of "grabbing" and thereby predicated on publishing information dictated and approved by.the source.

The source here refers to news generators that by design is subjective, since it is protective of its frailties and is out for face-saving.

This new practice, that we are living through these days, is defeating the very foundation of journalism, based on the protection of the governed.

The practice of journalism generally demands that we publish the truth, as gathered by someone of the art. Any deviation, for whatever reason, is not accepted in any association of practising journalists.

It is universally agreed that when people are informed, they can take reasoned and wise decisions and therefore they can move the country forward in the various domains of their wellbeing.

In the field, such a journalist is incorruptible by whoever.

This is also a requirement of other professions, as we all know. Who does not remember why our learned and vibrant Dr Nick Ngwanyam of St Louis University Institute resigned his appointment with the state department of health?

He was brazen against the source that wanted him to be subjective. Whether we like him or not, he stands tall in his profession and history must have his name enshrined among medical doctors as respecting the Hippocratic Oath. .

There are many Ngwanyams in other professions too. Read Prof Angwagor's publication on Patrick Tataw Obenson, such a refined journalist and publisher. Patrick did like any control he faced at Radio Cameroon in Yaounde and decided to his newspaper in West Cameroon.

Patrick has left his foot prints on the sands of time. He did not truncate facts because of monry.

His paper sold adequately well for him to continue with more editions

Those journalists who grab money and change facts are not aware that they are falsifying history for future researcher.

No one is coerced into doing wrong, or being subjective, for this adds to being deceitful to ones country, because,in the name of selfishness, filling ones stomach, we have betrayed our pèople.

An overview of other professions, a non respect of ethics usually amounts to a betrayal of trust.

This little contribution is to let those who grab and "cook" the story know that it is ethically wrong and is also a distortion of history. Before the God of journalism they should never belong to this profession.

May the God of journalism put a stop to information distortion, so that our people may not perish in ignorance".

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Felix Mbayu Congratulates Voters for Defending their Civic Rights.

Minister Delegate in the Ministry of External Relations incharge of the Common Wealth, came out today like other voters, hail and healthy to vote his candidate to Parliament.

The voting exercise takes place on March 22nd at Government school old town, where other voters had gathered to cast their votes, together with the Minister.

He saluted the Constitutional council for it's decision, " we came back because every Cameroonian has the right to respect the laws and the Institutions of the Republic. We are ready to come back as many times as possible."

A decision taken on February 25th, in favour of the SDF party.

The Minister also applauded the defense and security forces who according to him have ensured that the process goes on hitch free.

"I wish to congratulate the security forces that have been impartial so far, such that they have even transported , which is also a way of inviting all those who have locked themselves at home to come out and defend their voting rights".The Minister tells the Press.

He also expressed his feelings about the voting exercise.

" I just conducted my civil responsibility with alot of joy and satisfaction, this is the second time we are coming for a re-run and I believe victory is ours." Felix Mbayu said.

"Casting our votes is a sign of our believes in our Republican institution, The best way to bring Peace development and Justice by respecting the institutions of the republic". He added


COVID-19: Sanitizers Used at Poling Stations

MINAT Boss has cautioned Pressmen and People of Bamenda to take measures laid down by the Prime Ministerial order, as preventive measures against COVID-19, very seriously.

Voting at the pooling centre at upstation Bamenda, on March 22nd, The Minister, Paul Atanga Nji and The Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique together with other elites and voters of Mezam, cast their votes after sanitizing their hands with detergent.

He urged that more than 50persons should not gather in one place ,shaking of hands and hugs should be avoided, added that the population should step up their hygienic manners by washing their hands on a daily basis and combatting COVID-19.

"The prescription from the Head of State, outlined by the Prime Minister, Head of Government which provides that, we should not shake hands, we should create a distance of 1metre from each order, but I see your microphones too close to me and which is not correct." He said.

Elections Re-run: MINAT Boss beckons on Population to Exercise Democracy through Votes

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has called on the population to go to the polls and vote their different candidates to parliament and bring development to their communities.

He was speaking at upstation Bamenda on March 22nd, after the voting exercise conducted at the pools , where he voted alongside the Governor of the Northwest Region , Adolphe Lele LAfrique.

4 Divisions in the Northwest Region, Bui, Momo, Mezam and Menchum, affected by the decision taken by the Constitutional Council on February 25th, when the court ruled in favor of the appeal, tabled by the SDF.

In Bamenda, the elections re-run gave a general consciousness in the right to vote, though at the peril of the voter's life.

10 constituencies and 12 parliamentary seats clamoured for by the parliamentary Candidates, and
just like the build up to campaigns for February 9th elections, the process has been on a low key with few people seen on the streets, on the day of voting.

In the hope that new ideas will be pumped in the councils and parliament to tackle global challenges, the people were urged by the MINAT boss to defend their voting rights.

" Everything is going on smoothly as the Governor has given me a report of what is going on. Voting is a legitimate exercise,I think that President Paul Biya who convened the Electorate has respected the Constitution and the electoral agenda." MINAT Boss, Paul Atanga Nji

"Those voting are voting for the construction of the nation and I think it is important that at the end of the day, we remain republicans, the ballot boxes will decide the future of the elections and we should all stand by the verdict" he added.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Bamenda 1 Mayor Counts on Population to Attain Municipal Goals.

The Mayor of Bamenda 1 Council, Mbigha Ngah Felix, his deputies and councilors has been installed into office by the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh, done at the Bamenda 1 Council Hall on 18th March 2020 .

Following the Ministerial order that warrants the gathering of less than 50persons only, familly members and friends were asked to wait out of the hall, giving room for councilors and the Administration to meet the agenda of the day.

The SDO for Mezam cautioned all to pay attention and take measures in preventing the Coronavirus from reaching the region, and appreciated the turn out of people from the Bamenda 1 municipality, who came to witness the installation of the Mayor.

Mbigha Felix tells the people,it wasn't an easy task running for the February 9th Polls, considering the security challenges in the Region. He thanked the population and militants of Bamenda 1 municipality for coming out and giving him an overwhelming victory.

"The team and my collaborators are called to come out and take action as a team, worth noting that thre post of a Mayor is not a job but a call to serve the people" Mayor Bamenda 1 council.

"The population of Bamenda 1 council have invested in the hands of someone who is competent to bring meaningful development to the people and I trust with your support, I will be up to task" he added.

He called on all involved in the February 9th twin elections to put aside political differences and work together to bring success to Bamenda 1.

Mezam SDO salutes Ma Caro Debongwa, former Mayor of Bamenda 1, present at the installation for her steadfastness in building the council and encouraging her peers to do better.

All 31 Councillors, Deputy Mayors; Ngwafe Anna Tangang 1st deputy Mayor and Annatoun Achap Abrahams 2nd Deputy and Mayor, installed by the SDO for Mezam Simon Emile Mooh

Mayor of Bamenda 1, born on sept 1980, got his probatoire GTHS Bamenda, was President of the Bamendankwe home association for 15years and current President of Fecafoot Northwest, is charged to preserve and maintain council property and ascets, supervising, managing and follow up revenue collection, freeing the council of all acts of corrupting and forms of embezzlement.


Mbiame Women Rally themselves to Vote Ngah Estela Shala to Parliament

The Women in Mbiame have decided to come out and rally as one person, as they give their support to Ngah Estela Shala, who hails from Mbiame and is heading for Parliament through March 22nd Elections re-run

It should be recalled that Ngah Estela Shala has been President for the Women's network in Mbiame for about 10years and earned a victory during the February 9th Elections.

According to her the Elections re-run is giving the opportunity for other women who didn't have the opportunity to vote, to do so and is hopeful that as List Leader for Bui Centre, she will emerge victorious again.

Mbiame, Nkum and Kumbo forms one constituency, with Ngah Estela Shala, Born on August 28th 1978, is going in as a CPDM candidate for Parliament and the women have vowed  to give her more than 6000 votes as testimony of their loyalty to her.

"I am calling on everyone to come out and vote on March 22, to vote CPDM to victory, I call on all the women to one out in their numbers and cast their votes, because CPDM is a party for development and progress".

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Bamenda 2 Council: CPDM takes Command, Promises Better Projects

Councillors, deputy Mayors and Mayor of Bamenda 2 council have been installed by the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh. This occasion comes few days after Mayors have been sworn in at the court of first instance in Bamenda.

The installation takes place Tuesday March 17th in the prescence of indegenes from Mankon, friends and familly Members.

The Mayor of Bamenda 2, Peter Chenwi, under the umbrella of the CPDM party, is expected to take over office for the next 5years, through which he is called to deliver to the people of Bamenda 2 Municipality and meet their aspirations.

The Mayor of Bamenda 2, Peter Chenwi tells the people about the series of challenges he faced in his steps,aspiring to be Mayor of Bamenda 2. He mentions security challenges in the Region being one of the major obstacle faced and didn't fail, thanking the population and militants for voting the CPDM list to victory.

He acknowledged the the work done by the security forces, who ensured free and fair elections,on February 9th, for a harmonious development of the municipality.

"My Collaborators and team are called to take action for development to a higher level, and the post of a Mayor is to render service to the population, with Bamenda 2 council has investing in the hands of personels to bring development to the people and meet it's goals". Mayor Bamenda 2, Peter Chenwi.

He mentions different projects earmarked to improve living conditions of the people, to manage all issues related to hygiene and sanitation, improve sanitation at all levels, solve water supply challenges, to be regulated by providing public taps.

"The council intends to contribute to help for the return of normalcy to the region, empower business men n women by reducing rents n taxes to ease their functioning, and improve road networks" He said

"Basic necessities will be extended to other areas, council will provide scholarship opportunities for schools and redyreduce unemployment by providing jobs.
He called on all those who were involved in the February 9th twin elections, to come together as one man "United we stand Divided we fall."

"We are ready to deliver the goods because the head of state has decided to empower the youths, reason why you see us taking the command barton and we need your support as a people to succeed, it is a party for development, we have projects and we must mobilize ourselves as one man so that we can succeed." Mayor Bamenda 2

The SDO for Mezam, installing Mayor deputy mayors and councillors, appreciated the dynamic nature of the Head of state in his attempt to solve the armed conflict, through the Decentralization process granting a special status to the Northwest n Southwest regions.

"Congratulations for the success recorded during the municipal elections, Mr Mayor, I call on you to take seriously the functions you and your councilors are called to take up, as Mayor you shall represent and perform all acts in preserving all State property n ascets." SDO Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh.

"Preparing and proposing the budget, ensuring the execution of development programs, creating council road networks" he added.

The Mayor of Bamenda 2 has been called to rehabilate the road network, monitor and closely follow up revenue collection, work in close collaborations with the different villages through their development association. And work closely with supervisory authorities.

"Be there to serve not to be served, work as a team, lead in a way that democracy culture n tolerance with mutual acceptance  be the other of the day" SDO Mezam.

This reporter gathered that the First Deputy Mayor, Che Louis Angwafor is still in Captivity with the separatists fighters while 2nd deputy mayor, Njoko Frida is an Enam Student and a senior controller of Treasury, while playing a role in WCPDM Bamenda 2.

Mayor of Bamenda 2, born 5th Aug 1977,  got his advanced level in 1999 and master degree program in communication science later. He is a PhD research student in information and Development and has studied in Nigeria and Nairobi Kenya, further gained political exerience in the CPDM party since 2002.


Sunday, March 15, 2020

MIDENO Launches Farming Year with 3projects worth 75billion Ongoing.

The Launching of the farming season has taken place within the premises of MIDENO, on Friday 13th March, to show that MIDENO cannot be indifferent to the sufferings of the people of the Northwest Region.

The impact of the armed conflict in the Northwest Region has destroyed farms and other hard earned landed property, leading to the abandonment of farms in rural areas, where the population has been displaced.

It is inline with challenges faced, that the Management of MIDENO has not failed keeping it's promise to assist farmers every year, providing them with seeds and chemicals to scale up production in the region.

A yearly event, With similar exercise that took place March 16 last year, The Government through MIDENO, is contributing to help farmers rebuild the economy of the Region, not forgetting to earmark the capacity of Farmers, which remains undiminished 

The Board Chair if MIDENO and event launcher, the Governor of the Northwest, Adolphe Lele LAfrique, didn't fail to recognise the steadfastness of farmers since the begining of the ongoing arm conflict in the Region.

"Let me pay tribute to the farmers of the Northwest for the responsible and mature approach they have taken in the midst of this Crisis". He said.

The farmers chose hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord, turn up to recieve assistance from MIDENO; 4000 kilograms of improved seeds and over 30tons of agrochemicals.

Farm seeds and chemicals distributed to all the 7 divisions of the Northwest Region, marked the launching as a success as leaders of farm groups answered present to recieve their items.

The Launching Song, on the success story of MIDENO and it's 2019 projects, done by the artist Bob Gala Didier, spiced the occasion as it accompanied MIDENO's GM welcome speech.

Cletus Anye Matoya, MIDENO's GM appreciated the prescence of farmers,which according to him showed how sensitive the agric calendar is and added that MIDENO being an arm of Government since 1981, supports, coordinate and supervise rural Development in the Northwest.

He mentions 3 projects designed by MIDENO are ongoing with financing from Government,the African Development Bank and  the Islamic Bank worth over 75billion Francs and adds that farmers are already benefitting from the projects.

"3 projects currently benefitting farmers in the region: GP- DERUDEP Phase 2 which has recorded achievements since 2014 in the agriculture sector, LIFIDEP which has also recorded results in the areas of livestock and fisheries Development and GP-IRDP, which took off in 2017 making significant profession target rural areas." Cletus Anye Matoya, MIDENO's GM said.

Farmers expressed gratitude to the management of MIDENO for looking out for them ahead of the Planting season.

"We are very happy to have benefitted from these farm seeds and chemicals from MIDENO which is going to help boast out production in the farms.The demand for farm produce is high, and with the ongoing crisis there has been a challenging cultivating in most rural areas.we hope to mobilize ourselves and do all to satisfy the population." A farmer from Batibo tells The Guardian Post.


Saturday, March 14, 2020

MINAT Boss Initiates Identification For Commercial Bike Riders in Bamenda.

Minister Paul Atanga Nji under instructions from the Head of State President Paul Biya, Head of all armed forces, has held a security meeting at The Governor's office,to examine the security situation in the Northwest Region.

The Meeting held on Friday March 13th 2020, few days after a local made bomb went off in Bamenda during women day Celebrations, at Commercial Avenue .

Associating attrocities in the Region with bike riders, He laid emphasis on the need for commercial bike riders to regularise their situation with the council and complete their identification process, to be legible to work within the region.

"It is regrettable to tell the population that most of the attrocities in the region are pepetrated with the help of motorbike riders".

" we gave them 6months to begin verification, but syndicates pleaded they be given 9 months, we are 10months already and we have to start the process".

"I want to make it clear to all bike riders, that if you are not identified and your motorbike is not identified, you cannot exercise in the region."

Speaking to Press Men,it was revealed that all bikes must go to the city council and get identified by Tuesday, March 17th, else defaulters will have their bikes seized until identification is done.

The Minister told Press that the security situation in the Northwest Region is under Control and the mechanism put in place for the Re-run of Elections is guaranteed.

He congratulates the efforts of the armed forces and Administration for ensuring that the February 9th Elections recorded no major incident and beckons on them to be vigilant during the Election Re-run.

"With the Re-run, we will uplift security challenges, put in place all the mechanism for Elecam to conduct the process,and I think the forces of law and order are prepared and up to task". This he said at Press Time.

He acknowledged the move made by Human Rights Watch, to condemn the attrocities of separatists on RFI and adds that all NGOs must do same, else will be closed down.

""If I am not convinced that NGOs are neutral in Cameroon,and that they have taken upon themselves to denounce activities of terrorist,I will put an end to their activities" He added.


Minister Mbah Acha Launches Elections Re-run, Reassuring Double Victory..

CPDM Campaign Leader and Coordinator of Elections for Momo, Minister Mbah Acha Rose has put to task all Councilors and Campaign Leaders of Momo Division to mobilize themselves and come out to vote on March 22nd 2020.

The launching ceremony holds on Saturday 14th March 2020, as Minister calls on Leaders of campaign teams and Councilors to encourage voters to turn out in their numbers and cast their votes,in favour of CPDM on Elections day

Campaigns began on March 9th with 3parliamentary seats to grasp for Momo, Candidates had their say during the launching session and promised that the victory they earned during February 9th elections, will be doubled.

"Go back to your different Constituencies and cast your votes on March 22, with your massive turn out here for the launching, we are confident ground work has been done and victory is ours" Anyere Charles, Candidate Momo East.

The Minister however frowned at the abscence of some councilors and advised that it was necessary for Teams to be on the field early enough before Elections day.

She expressed delight on the collective efforts made by Councilors and Team Leaders ahead of Voting day, few days to the Polls and she chooses not to expose Party Strategy secrets to campaign and is confident to have results than February 9th Elections

"We invited leaders to strategize with them and their enthusiasm shows how ready they are ready to go down to the field and give the CPDM a Sounding victory. We stand as one man, Using Mouth to ear but Our Strategy remain secret to the Party" Minister Mbah Acha Rose.

Using the Mouth to Ear Strategy, the Campaign Team leaders choose the motive- Development and assure the Minister of ready ground works,to pave a way for smooth Elections.

"I won elections before,we are going back to the field to reiterate that we actually won, and we are going to do it better that we did before." Awutah Philip, Momo West.

Awutah Philip running for Momo West and Injoh Ngang Prudencia and Anyere Charles Akah for Momo East.


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Mayors In Mezam Take Oath In Court, To Commence Duty In Councils.

7 Mayors in Mezam, The City Mayor and Mayors of Bamenda 1, 2, 3 councils, Bafut, Tubah, Santa Councils have been sworn into office at the court of first instance together with their Deputies on Thursday March 12th 2020, in Bamenda.

It was also observed that,the 1st Deputy Mayor for Bamenda 2 council, Angwafor Louis Che was reported to be under the captivity of separatists fighters. This reporter got information that his dissappearance was noticed few days after the new City Mayor was elected into office.

The Mayors during the Swearing In Occasion, were called to reflect their memory in respect to their duty as expected by law and should understand what is expected of them, from their respective offices.

The court made the audience to understand that the Mayors and their Deputies are responsible for preserving n maintaining council property or assets and ensure the execution of development projects.

Emphasis on road networks, ensure environmental protection and they were cautioned to avoid conflict between themselves, management of affaires, which can cause unnecessary conflict of power.

New Elected Mayors are Called to control of the activities of the council and should note that the council is indispensable to ensure proper management of its resources.

The legislature before entrusting powers in the hands of its citizens, must take an oath in court.The oath taking postulate a covenant between the person taking the oath and God.

The words recited at oath taking by the City Mayor, Mayors and Deputy Mayors are different from that of those who are being re-elected.

Mayors of Bamenda 1 2 3 councils, Tubah, Santa and Bafut and their Deputies will be carrying out their duty within the jurisdiction of the court of First Instance, Mezam.

Amongst the Mayors and their Deputies, the Civil status sectary of Tubah council n municipal treasurer took oath before the court of first instance before taking up duties.

According to the Court, the applicants were seen competent from their CVs n experiences, the Mayors, Deputy Mayors, civil status secetaries and assistants, Municipal Treasurer, are considered armed to execute their functions as they take up office.

"I wish to thank the population of Bamenda for their mark of confidence in me. We will ensure that aspects that guarantee human dignity is established so that,at the end collectively we will have a better city" City Mayor, Achombang T. Paul

They were set to task to perfom their duty with moral rectitute and with fear of God,ensure that at the end of each year,the civil status booklet should have been forwarded to the legal department for scrutiny.


Tubah Mayor Installed, Holds First Council Session as CPDM Mayor.

Councilors, Stakeholders, Traditional Rulers and the Administration within Tubah Sub Division have attended the Tubah Council 2019 Administrative and Management Account Session, on March 11th 2020, in Bambili.

For the first time in the History of Tubah, The Mayor, Tanjong Martin, sits as CPDM Mayor for the session, few minutes after being Sworn in, together with his peers at the Court of First Instance in Bamenda.

At the opening of the session, he showed gratitude to the people of Tubah and Councilors, for the vote of confidence given to him during his transition from SDF to CPDM for the first time in the history of Tubah Council.

He notes that Tubah Council has suffered financial loses interns of collection of local Revenue, reasons why 2019 Administrative account increased narrowly from 510,857,746 cfaf in 2018 to 516,681,993 cfaf in 2019, with a slight increase of 5,824,247 cfaf representing

Reports from the session Revealed that 90% of the Revenue collected in 2019 came from quarterly allocations from FEICOM and Public Investment Budget.

With major achievements recorded like, smooth running of activities, holding of sessions and up to date payment of salaries to November 2019, and the establishment of Land Use Plan of Tubah.

" I will not stop calling on the conflicting parties of the ongoing Crisis to put away force and have a human face to their common population and also urge the population to have confidence in the forces of law and order." Mayor Tubah Council, Tanjong Martin.

He called on Councilors to be law abiding,stay clear of Community Divide and concentrate on their different constituencies, follow up on projects that will benefit the common man, "this will mean playing our role as the people's representative".

Born on the 6th Sept, 1988 was installed in office, alongside his collaborators, 4 Deputy Mayors: Nsaboh Nelson Aloh, Abong Esther Weli, Bubah Dahiru Gaddafi and Mbengong Rose by the Senior Divisional Officer of Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh.

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