Felix Mbayu Congratulates Voters for Defending their Civic Rights.

Minister Delegate in the Ministry of External Relations incharge of the Common Wealth, came out today like other voters, hail and healthy to vote his candidate to Parliament.

The voting exercise takes place on March 22nd at Government school old town, where other voters had gathered to cast their votes, together with the Minister.

He saluted the Constitutional council for it's decision, " we came back because every Cameroonian has the right to respect the laws and the Institutions of the Republic. We are ready to come back as many times as possible."

A decision taken on February 25th, in favour of the SDF party.

The Minister also applauded the defense and security forces who according to him have ensured that the process goes on hitch free.

"I wish to congratulate the security forces that have been impartial so far, such that they have even transported , which is also a way of inviting all those who have locked themselves at home to come out and defend their voting rights".The Minister tells the Press.

He also expressed his feelings about the voting exercise.

" I just conducted my civil responsibility with alot of joy and satisfaction, this is the second time we are coming for a re-run and I believe victory is ours." Felix Mbayu said.

"Casting our votes is a sign of our believes in our Republican institution, The best way to bring Peace development and Justice by respecting the institutions of the republic". He added


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