MINAT Boss Initiates Identification For Commercial Bike Riders in Bamenda.

Minister Paul Atanga Nji under instructions from the Head of State President Paul Biya, Head of all armed forces, has held a security meeting at The Governor's office,to examine the security situation in the Northwest Region.

The Meeting held on Friday March 13th 2020, few days after a local made bomb went off in Bamenda during women day Celebrations, at Commercial Avenue .

Associating attrocities in the Region with bike riders, He laid emphasis on the need for commercial bike riders to regularise their situation with the council and complete their identification process, to be legible to work within the region.

"It is regrettable to tell the population that most of the attrocities in the region are pepetrated with the help of motorbike riders".

" we gave them 6months to begin verification, but syndicates pleaded they be given 9 months, we are 10months already and we have to start the process".

"I want to make it clear to all bike riders, that if you are not identified and your motorbike is not identified, you cannot exercise in the region."

Speaking to Press Men,it was revealed that all bikes must go to the city council and get identified by Tuesday, March 17th, else defaulters will have their bikes seized until identification is done.

The Minister told Press that the security situation in the Northwest Region is under Control and the mechanism put in place for the Re-run of Elections is guaranteed.

He congratulates the efforts of the armed forces and Administration for ensuring that the February 9th Elections recorded no major incident and beckons on them to be vigilant during the Election Re-run.

"With the Re-run, we will uplift security challenges, put in place all the mechanism for Elecam to conduct the process,and I think the forces of law and order are prepared and up to task". This he said at Press Time.

He acknowledged the move made by Human Rights Watch, to condemn the attrocities of separatists on RFI and adds that all NGOs must do same, else will be closed down.

""If I am not convinced that NGOs are neutral in Cameroon,and that they have taken upon themselves to denounce activities of terrorist,I will put an end to their activities" He added.


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