MIDENO Launches Farming Year with 3projects worth 75billion Ongoing.

The Launching of the farming season has taken place within the premises of MIDENO, on Friday 13th March, to show that MIDENO cannot be indifferent to the sufferings of the people of the Northwest Region.

The impact of the armed conflict in the Northwest Region has destroyed farms and other hard earned landed property, leading to the abandonment of farms in rural areas, where the population has been displaced.

It is inline with challenges faced, that the Management of MIDENO has not failed keeping it's promise to assist farmers every year, providing them with seeds and chemicals to scale up production in the region.

A yearly event, With similar exercise that took place March 16 last year, The Government through MIDENO, is contributing to help farmers rebuild the economy of the Region, not forgetting to earmark the capacity of Farmers, which remains undiminished 

The Board Chair if MIDENO and event launcher, the Governor of the Northwest, Adolphe Lele LAfrique, didn't fail to recognise the steadfastness of farmers since the begining of the ongoing arm conflict in the Region.

"Let me pay tribute to the farmers of the Northwest for the responsible and mature approach they have taken in the midst of this Crisis". He said.

The farmers chose hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord, turn up to recieve assistance from MIDENO; 4000 kilograms of improved seeds and over 30tons of agrochemicals.

Farm seeds and chemicals distributed to all the 7 divisions of the Northwest Region, marked the launching as a success as leaders of farm groups answered present to recieve their items.

The Launching Song, on the success story of MIDENO and it's 2019 projects, done by the artist Bob Gala Didier, spiced the occasion as it accompanied MIDENO's GM welcome speech.

Cletus Anye Matoya, MIDENO's GM appreciated the prescence of farmers,which according to him showed how sensitive the agric calendar is and added that MIDENO being an arm of Government since 1981, supports, coordinate and supervise rural Development in the Northwest.

He mentions 3 projects designed by MIDENO are ongoing with financing from Government,the African Development Bank and  the Islamic Bank worth over 75billion Francs and adds that farmers are already benefitting from the projects.

"3 projects currently benefitting farmers in the region: GP- DERUDEP Phase 2 which has recorded achievements since 2014 in the agriculture sector, LIFIDEP which has also recorded results in the areas of livestock and fisheries Development and GP-IRDP, which took off in 2017 making significant profession target rural areas." Cletus Anye Matoya, MIDENO's GM said.

Farmers expressed gratitude to the management of MIDENO for looking out for them ahead of the Planting season.

"We are very happy to have benefitted from these farm seeds and chemicals from MIDENO which is going to help boast out production in the farms.The demand for farm produce is high, and with the ongoing crisis there has been a challenging cultivating in most rural areas.we hope to mobilize ourselves and do all to satisfy the population." A farmer from Batibo tells The Guardian Post.


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