Mbiame Women Rally themselves to Vote Ngah Estela Shala to Parliament

The Women in Mbiame have decided to come out and rally as one person, as they give their support to Ngah Estela Shala, who hails from Mbiame and is heading for Parliament through March 22nd Elections re-run

It should be recalled that Ngah Estela Shala has been President for the Women's network in Mbiame for about 10years and earned a victory during the February 9th Elections.

According to her the Elections re-run is giving the opportunity for other women who didn't have the opportunity to vote, to do so and is hopeful that as List Leader for Bui Centre, she will emerge victorious again.

Mbiame, Nkum and Kumbo forms one constituency, with Ngah Estela Shala, Born on August 28th 1978, is going in as a CPDM candidate for Parliament and the women have vowed  to give her more than 6000 votes as testimony of their loyalty to her.

"I am calling on everyone to come out and vote on March 22, to vote CPDM to victory, I call on all the women to one out in their numbers and cast their votes, because CPDM is a party for development and progress".

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