Army-Nation Stronger Ties Observed in Adamawa

Besides other basics provided like food, the construction of schools and other infastructures, School didtaics like tables, benches have been offered to the Public School in SIC CAMP in Ngaoundéré by the 5th BIR, represented by the men of Colonel Commander Nkoo Ella Francis.

This donation comes after a series of care services have been given to civilians in military hospitals, with some contribution of food  made to the needy.

The BIR have as primary mission to defend territorial integrity, protect National unity and Republican institutions. For the past years, people of that locality have observed that the BIR is evolving by being attentive to the problems faces by the local people on a daily basis and contribute in finding solutions.

The relationship between theArmy and the Nation was born in line with the vision of the Head of State, President Paul Biya as seen in the choice of the theme for the recent 2021 edition of National Day, May 20th.

We remember that within the framework of the commemoration, without official festivities of that day, the theme prescribed by the President of the Republic, Head of the Armed Forces, was: "Army and Nation: together to meet the challenges of health security and preserve the peace, stability and prosperity of Cameroon ”.

The President welcomed the patriotic attitude of Citizens of the North-West and South-West rehions, who kept cooperate ties with the Forces of Defense and Security, in preserving Peace.

The Head of the Armed Forces had ordered young officers to always work in synergy with their compatriots, to assist in case of need. "This is one of the conditions for success in your missions," He warned.

Being on the front line to fight against the phenomenon of kidnapping is emerging victorious. This is what magnified the activity of young people who provide invaluable support to the Defense and Security Forces in the Adamawa region.

We are therefore not surprised by the rise of civil-military activities which further strengthen the link between the two components.

Katakap Heritier, In Adamawa

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