Mayors In Mezam Take Oath In Court, To Commence Duty In Councils.

7 Mayors in Mezam, The City Mayor and Mayors of Bamenda 1, 2, 3 councils, Bafut, Tubah, Santa Councils have been sworn into office at the court of first instance together with their Deputies on Thursday March 12th 2020, in Bamenda.

It was also observed that,the 1st Deputy Mayor for Bamenda 2 council, Angwafor Louis Che was reported to be under the captivity of separatists fighters. This reporter got information that his dissappearance was noticed few days after the new City Mayor was elected into office.

The Mayors during the Swearing In Occasion, were called to reflect their memory in respect to their duty as expected by law and should understand what is expected of them, from their respective offices.

The court made the audience to understand that the Mayors and their Deputies are responsible for preserving n maintaining council property or assets and ensure the execution of development projects.

Emphasis on road networks, ensure environmental protection and they were cautioned to avoid conflict between themselves, management of affaires, which can cause unnecessary conflict of power.

New Elected Mayors are Called to control of the activities of the council and should note that the council is indispensable to ensure proper management of its resources.

The legislature before entrusting powers in the hands of its citizens, must take an oath in court.The oath taking postulate a covenant between the person taking the oath and God.

The words recited at oath taking by the City Mayor, Mayors and Deputy Mayors are different from that of those who are being re-elected.

Mayors of Bamenda 1 2 3 councils, Tubah, Santa and Bafut and their Deputies will be carrying out their duty within the jurisdiction of the court of First Instance, Mezam.

Amongst the Mayors and their Deputies, the Civil status sectary of Tubah council n municipal treasurer took oath before the court of first instance before taking up duties.

According to the Court, the applicants were seen competent from their CVs n experiences, the Mayors, Deputy Mayors, civil status secetaries and assistants, Municipal Treasurer, are considered armed to execute their functions as they take up office.

"I wish to thank the population of Bamenda for their mark of confidence in me. We will ensure that aspects that guarantee human dignity is established so that,at the end collectively we will have a better city" City Mayor, Achombang T. Paul

They were set to task to perfom their duty with moral rectitute and with fear of God,ensure that at the end of each year,the civil status booklet should have been forwarded to the legal department for scrutiny.


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