Prisoners From Mbengwi Central Prison Regain Freedom

Four inmates of the Mbengwi principal prison, in Momo Division have join other prisoners across the national territory, in regaining their freedom through a Presidential Degree.

Amongst the four who regained their freedom from the mbengwi principal prison in Momo division, are three men and the a lady Tanfo prisca.

They have expressed thanks and gratitude to the Head of state president Paul Biya for thinking about them in the advent of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

One of them, Mbandi James told the press that he has been transformed in the detention facility and will henceforth remain a good citizen.

He intends to move over to Yaounde to engage in business, after he had been sentenced for aggravated theft.

The acting superintendent of the Mbengwi principal prison has advised them to stay away from any acts that might land them in trouble. Mr Kobi Stanley Tayong said with the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic, their release should encourage them practice the measures put in place by government so as to stay clear of the disease.

The mbengwi principal prison was created in 1972, contained over 120 inmates. In 2017, the number rose to 122 inmates slightly above the normal. The facility for now has a total of 24 inmates, 23 men and just a single lady who was brought in for attempted murder.

Following the presidential largesse, three men and the lone lady regained freedom. The event was observed in the presence of the first assistant SDO for Momo and the Divisional officer for mbengwi central, Esapa Javis.

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