"My Community needs a Good Health Centre", Atakem Tambo

Behind him, is one of the beds used in attending to patients.

Atakem Zephaniah Tambo is his name, a nurse volunteering in Nyenneba, attending to vulnerable persons in his Community.

Nyenneba is one of the 59villages that form Upper Bayang Sub Division, In Manyu Division of the Southwest Region.

Atakem has this only small clinic which lacks Everything to meet up the hundreds of persons flooding in for medical aid and eventhough, Zephaniah is living with dissabiliy and has special needs, he is ready to safe humanity. Consult patients coming to his little clinic and administer drugs.

These are examples of the beds where patients lay on.

He needs help, he appeals with persons of goodwill, Elites within his Community, to help him get hospital beds, drugs and other facilities to keep the sick in comfort while they heal.

The need for a good centre is a priority to him, to help safe lives. He works with in collaboration with Think Big Association.

"We need partners from NGOs and other People who can support what I do, making efforts to attend to those dick within my area. I belief God will to make this a reality". He said.

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