REWAC visits IDP Children in Bamenda with Basic Needs.

Over 50 children living within the City of Bamenda, have benefited from items, donated by Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon (REWAC), with Head office in Bamenda.

Items including, clothes, shoes and soap has been given to children within the ages of 2 and 12years, in Nkwen Bamenda, on April 30th.

Displaced kids that came from different divisions of the Northwest region; Banso, Ndu, Sabongari, Mendankwe, Bafut, nand others from noni, Lebialem, left their homes of origin to live in Bamenda, due to the armed conflict and only hope to return when things are calm.

Some of the women who accompanied their kids to benefit from the items brought by REWAC told The Guardian Post that they were grateful about the gesture because they had not expected that someone will look out for some of their basic needs.

" I am an IDP from noni, I lost my husband and my house was set ablaze, my familly members took everything from me, right now I am very stranded, where I live in Bamenda now,I sleep on the floor, sometimes I put clothes on the floor and sleep on them, as for food, some people arround us offer meals and that is how we survive" one of the IDP women told this Blogger

" I want to appreciate REWAC for the kind gesture offering us clothes, this is a way to preserve our human dignity, we are thankful and we pray the Association reach out to many who are suffering from the armed conflict." She added.

Another lady, Agnes, caring for internally displaced children, including young girls,tells The Guardian Post about the challenges grooming young girls, who have ran from their homes and cannot afford for their basic needs, make them vulnerable or prone to prostitution.

"I ran from Lebialem and settled in Bamenda, as we ran we came across children who's situation. Was worst than ours, they came from Mendankwe, Bafut, Nkambe. All I do is give them moral support and encourage them to stay strong despite the challenging times". The woman from Lebialem told This blogger

"Some of the young girls I live with will complain that they just have one clothe to manage on a daily basis, but we thank REWAC who has remembered IDP Children, with some youths benefiting from the clothes brought. When I look at the kids, I don't have the means to manage the situation and REWAC 's coming is a great relief" She added.

REWAC visited these kids with Clothing and a carton of Savon, to assist them in the challenges the face. Hoping that more will be done to help them live better lives.

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