Elite In Momo Division Take Lead In Back-to-School Action, Offering Didatic Materials

Ahead of school resumption on October 5th 2020, pupils and students have began recieving support from the elites and administration of Momo Division.

This was during a sport competition, dubbed Back-to-School plan of action on September 6th, which involved youths within Momo division in a sport competition, winning prizes that will help them during the forth coming Academic year.

Youths involved in "Mbengwi Solidarity Tournament"

The idea of the Back-to-School plan of action in the divisional headquaters, through a football competition that spans from September 6th to October 4th, captioned "Mbengwi Solidarity Tournament", has brought all the elites on board, to encourage children return to the classrooms.

The Back-to-School in action, is an initiative of the Member of Parliament for Momo East, Honorable IN JOH FOO NGANG PRODENCIA, supported by elites of Momo Division; the Minister of Supreme State Audit, Mbah Acha'a Rose née Fomumdam and the Mayor for the Mbengwi Council, Ndangsa Kennedy.

Beneficiaries of Didatic Material

Other activities, aside the tournament, had over 10 children of school going age participate in a chair dance competition, and recieved school bags, books, pens and pencils, donated by the MP for Momo East, a gesture to encourage kids and help them return to school, for the academic year 2020/2021.

MP for Momo East

The Member of Parliament for Momo East, Honorable IN JOH FOO NGANG PRODENCIA says the back to school action is creating awareness and no stone will be left unturn, with efforts for children to return to school the forthcoming year 2020/2021.

"The Back to school in action is creating awareness for the population of Mbengwi to prepare for the effective take off of the 2020/2021 school year, due to start, 5th of October, 2020.
Our children have to go back to school to catch up with what they have lost for the past four years, because Education is light. " Honorable IN JOH FOO NGANG PRUDENCIA

"Therefore our children cannot continue to stay in darkness, to be the nation builders of tomorrow the youths of today need education, It is my own way to prepare the children for back to school by providing them with school bags, books, pens, pencils, and rulers." MP for Momo East.

SDO for Momo Division handing School bags to kids

The SDO for Momo Division, Fouda Etaba Benoit Nicasse , joined his voice with that of the elites, appreciating the efforts made on the Back-to-School plan and says the administration will not relent either, to see that the Academic year 2020/2021 begins hitch-free.

"I am satisfied to see that youths are taking part in the football tournament and aslo welcoming the message on back to school. Children have started recieving school material like bags and books from Elites, to help them prepare their return to class, we are not relenting efforts because education bis the key" SDO Momo.

"I am calling on those who are still in the bushes to drop their guns and be reintegrated into society, together we will build a better nation for a better future". He added.

By Ndefru Melanie


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