Restriction of Motorbikes Deserts the Streets of Bamenda

.           Liberty Square, Bamenda

People within the city of Bamenda woke up to calm, the noise of the normal hussling and buzzling of town wasn't noticed, the sound of nothing plying the roads, a surprise to many who had intensions going to their different places of work.

Source: Image of Foodmarket

Calm were the streets, but a few people were seen moving on foot, on Tuesday September 8th, few days after the order restricting the circulation of private and commercial motorbikes within urban perimeters, was passed.

Image of Churchstreet/Ntarinkon

Following social media "Amba threats", very few taxis were spotted in town, circulating between mobile nkwen- sonac street and mobile nkwen Upstation. People moved in groups of 3 or 4, hoping to see a bike or taxi carry them to their different destinations.

Close Source: Streets in Bambili

The deserted streets have caused many agitations, from onlookers who sat by the road not far from their homes. Some said there was need for administration to revisit the order placed on the circulation of motorbikes

"Majority of the population in town, own bikes. Either for commercial use or for mobility, people play njangis out of the earnings made from riding bikes, I for one cannot leave my quater to my place of work and back without the use of a bike" Guilbert tells Civiclens

Though a few buses arrived town with passengers on board, they difficulty will be to transport themselves home with their luggages.

The city is dead; streets are deserted, few shops in some quarters are open, ambulances are moving and people are pedestering hoping that in the days ahead, with the difficulty, some adjustments wi be made concerning circulation in town.

By Ndefru Melanie


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