Essoka Security Ltd distinguish its Workers through Medal Awards

Some Essoka Security workers have distinguished themselves overtime through words and actions, gave their selfless contributions towards the growth of the company, and they earned for themselves medals at various levels of engagements in Essoka Security Company.

A total of 198 employees will be decorated with Silver, Gilt and Gold medals totaling 287, in testimony for their dedication and unflinching loyalty to the state and the company in particular.

CEO of Essoka Security has reminded workers of their extensive mix of roles and responsibilities that are all very important to delivering to our clients and shareholders. Reminding them of the value of team members, to be respectful to one another and appreciate co-workers.

The Honorable Minister of Labour and Social Security, Mr. Gregoire Owona presided over the Medal Award Ceremony that took place in July 2nd 2023 over this occasion.

The presence of the High Commissioner of the British Embassy, the Ambassador of the European Union Delegation, The Country Director World Bank Group Cameroon, the representatives of other Ministers, all departments and organizations was acknowledged.

"When workers involved in security matters are celebrated like this one, we owe profound gratitude and stewardship to the Government of Cameroon who through the Honorable Minister of Territorial Administration Mr. Atanga Nji Paul has given us the opportunity to protect lives and properties while at the same time reducing the rate of unemployment through Essoka Security".

"To our valued clients, we deeply appreciate you for choosing Essoka Security to be your security service provider. We further commit ourselves to providing reliable, secured and quality services, despite the challenges, we may encounter along the line", CEO Essoka Security.

The CEO told guests that he has been running the company for over 30years.
ESSOKA SECURITY created in 1998 and authorized by presidential decree no: 2006/425 with the mission to providing private security services to varied clientele which has created employment to hundreds of Cameroonians.

The CEO says the journey has not been smooth, speaking to Civiclens recounting years of challenges.

"Essoka Security has undergone very turbulent moments owing to accrued debts, especially from Government Institutions, who do not only delay in paying bills for security services duly rendered, but equally complicate matters with cumbersome administrative bottle-necks". 

"We call on the Government to not only facilitate the payment of our bills in time for services rendered, but that Government should also assist us every year, by granting us some subventions, given the continuing and increasing number of Cameroonians we employ", CEO Essoka Security.

"This Medal decoration should not be taken for granted. As we honour your service milestone this afternoon, Let the medal award, as well as, the new minimum wage which has come to improve your remuneration be a great source of motivation. You have to take advantage of it to perform more impressively in view of guaranteeing a brighter future career".

Workers of Essoka Security remain a great asset and professional development remains priority.



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