Massa Festival Cultural opens in Yagoua, a decade after

Holding 10years after, will simply means the local population in Yagoua had prepared to host sons and daughters from Chad and Cameroon in best of ways, reason because Massa natives reside in these 2 countroes.

The 9th edition of the Tokna-Massana 2023 festival in the city of Yagoua, Far North region of Cameroon opens in the presence of some Ministers who are lovers of culture, like Menchiagrup Célestine Ketcha Courtès promoting living together and the cultural richness of Cameroon.

“I leave Yagoua with beautiful images of the Massa Culture, which enriches the cultural diversity of our Country. May God accompany organizers of Chad and Cameroon, in these actions of preservation and inking of this heritage within the young generation".

The culture of Massa was showcased through different exhibitions, not leaving out the beauty contest. An epitome of beauty that proved that the best is yet to come from Yagoua through it's culture.


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