NW farmers benefit from Livestock Development Fund

Livestock breeders have been opportuned once again to benefit from CDENO's initiative, The North West Livestock Development Fund. The distribution of Livestock inputs to farmers in the Northwest region took place at the explanade of CDENO's institution under the patronage of NW Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

Day old chicks, Piglets and feed worth millions of francs cfa, these products of the institution have been distributed to farmers in the Northwest region as a way of empowering them, financialy and economically. 

The Director of the Northwest Livestock Development Fund (CDENO) Mbah Shupong Michael says the activity is aimed at intensifying partnership between livestock farmers and CDENO, to increase production and productivity of the poultry and piggery sector in the Northwest region. 

"In the course of the financial year 2022, CDENO accompanied poultry farmers with a total of 182 thousand Day old chicks and 350 tons of high quality animal feed. Cattle breeders were not left out, CDENO assisted them in the vaccination of about 122 thousand cattle and provision of livestock infastructure;cattle crushes, water drinking points in the whole region".

"The  activity is aimed at intensifying partnership between livestock farmers and CDENO, to increase production and productivity of the poultry and piggery sector in the Northwest region whereby CDENO is placing at the disposal of poultry farmers 20000 day old chicks, 56 piglets and 12 tons of animal feed worth millions of francs CFA", Director CDENO. 

These CDENO made products are subsidized by government and  farmers have been cautioned to make their request directly to CDENO, without passing through other person's who may expliot them for selfish gains. 

The representative of Poultry Farmers expressed satisfaction to the CDENO team under the patronage of the NW Governor for the kind gesture to poultry farmers especially at a time when prices of basic commodities within the poultry sector are high in the market. This distribution also comes to fight food insecurity in the region. 

"The hike in prices has pushed some of the farmers to go out of production, some have left the region and are now IDPs in other regions. We appreciate the director of CDENO and his team for this initiative."

Farmers were inturn applauded for their perseverance, resilience despite the challenges faced in the region caused by the socio economic crisis, yet remained persistent in the poultry sector. 

"We will like to meet the demands of the population and we want the region to grow. Let us encourage other farmers and tell them about CDENO, while convincing them to belong to cooperatives because of its advantages; channeling the problems of livestock farmers to the state", representative of Poultry farmers. 

NW Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique has asked recipients of the peoducta of CDENO to continue production in order to meet demands in the market. 

"Thanks to this initiative, there will be a boost in the poultry and pigery sector of the region. Recipients should make good use of the products so that impact will be felt at the level of consumers, in the quality of the products consumed, to meet demands of the region and the country at large. Feeding the region is also a way of reducing insecurity", Adolphe Lele Lafrique, Northwest Governor. 

The Coordinator of Luc Menorah, a Rehabilitation Foundation in Bamenda was a recipient at the distribution ground at CDENO. Mamenkem Gladys is a livestock farmer, she felt satisfied to have recieved Day Old chicks and said this will boost agricultural skills of kids at her center.

"The children at the center will build their skills in breeding the birds. This will empower us financially, materially, health wise. We may no longer have need to go purchase meat in the market, but grow ours, consume and raise income".

By Ndefru Melanie

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