MINJEC Affairs: Maiden Regional Youth Council Office goes Operational in Far North

Installed on November 14, 2022, Youth Councilors in Maroua have been installed. The pioneer members are expected to take office after an officially ceremony chaired by the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou. 

Installed in the presence of key stakeholders, development actors of the Far North region; The Governor,  President of the Far North Regional Council and the Mayor of the city of Maroua. 

The youth councilors installed have been congratulated for accepting to offer selfless services, to volunteer and contribute to development strides. This is remarkable according to MiNJEC be ause Youths are vulnerable and exposed to all vices in the society.

"Exercise your leadership and your ability to propose projects, respecting the necessary citizen debate between yourselves to choose the best ideas to implement, under the authority of the regional executive, the senior Regional Councilors and the administration of the Region", MINJEC.

The Youth Affairs minister the went ahead to launch a project that will benefit the Youth Councilors, to begin showcasing their talent and devotion in serving communities and the country at large.

The Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, through the National Volunteer Program launched the EAU project. Citing an example; as the rainy season lasts three months here in the Far North,and with the heavy rainfall like this season, it is important to monitor local residents to use the said project to off-season crops.

Sali Babani is the Mayor of the city of Maroua showed appreciation, thanking Minister Mounouna Foutsou and the representative of the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development (Minddevel) for the initiative to mentor Youths.


Certificates of completion of the training was handed to over 90 young regional advisers. The young Regional Councilors, at the end of the three-day training received their attributes.

The President of the Far North Regional Council Daniel Kalbassou congratulated his "Young fellow regional advisers" for having brilliantly braved the journey that led them to the Regional Youth Council and everything will be done to ensure that their mission is fulfilled.

These Youth Councilors are expected to be promoters of Peace and volunteer at all times to ensure that development goals are met. 

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