40th Anniversary: "CPDM has gained steam fews years into the crisis".. Section President Mezam I C

The fanfare to celeberate the Head of State in Bamenda, President Paul Biya's ascension to power has been animated with the presence of a cross section of CPDM party militants answering present at commercial avenue Bamenda, November 6th 2022.

President Paul Biya counts achievements as party militants appreciate his efforts, while tabling challenges they are faced with in the Northwest region to the Secretary General of the CPDM Central committee.

The name is Che Ndaka Nicolas, Sub section President of Mezam I C thinks that the party has gained steam as each day, after few years in to crisis still registers members.

"We celebrated the 40th anniversary of the ascension to power of our Head of state President Paul Biya. It's been 40years of great achievement, economic stability and Peace despite the crisis in the NW n SW. It's not been easy with us hear in the Northwest region because of the crisis that started in 2016, at first people did not want to see the CPDM but gradually, I think they are picking up and gradually accepting that it is a party that will bring the change in Cameroon", Che Ndaka Nicolas, Section President Mezam I C.

The day was observed under the theme, "Let us further strengthen our mobilisation behind President Paul Biya to jointly pursue a nation building actions with one heart, peace and stability under the prism and spirit of National New Deal".

The party has 33 councils out of 34 in the Northwest region, as same celebration was observed in other parts of the region. Anye Cletus Matoya, Section President of Mezam I B applauded efforts of party militants in their manner of celebrating the 40th anniversary and didn't fail to submit their challenges to the Secetary General of the CPDM of central committee, Jean Kuete.

"The are major concerns; militants have made national IDs but have gone for years without the originals but for the reciepts. It is important that to adress this to ease registration of voters. Youths should remain steadfast on the vision of the NEW deal, as the Head of State has piloted Cameroon in tribulent times", Anye Matoya.

The reign of President Paul Biya to pilot Cameroon towards emmergence, has had the support of CPDM party militants since 1982. It is expected that collective efforts will intensify to solve issues threatening the Peace and Stability of the Country Cameroon.


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