Rural Development: Bafut Council's 2023 Priority projects to reflect needs of the people

Mayor of Bafut

The Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongho Lawrence has acknowledged that the CDP is a great tool for participatory development, but that it is important for the council to implement projects that will be welcomed by the people.

Envisaged 2023 projects proof to be people oriented, as quaterheads, heads of development associations assembled to have an orientation of the 2023 budget. 

"They are present to prioritize their projects, though the CDP carry projects, these projects were reversed according to their needs. They classified 55 villages in Bafut from the poorest to the richest and looking into the need for these villages to benefit from the 2023 projects".

"Prority  projects will varry because it will depend on the different villages at the level of the council. We will look into it and select those that are important and human resource touching", Mayor of Bafut. 

In the phase of the crisis, the collection of taxes have been a daunting task across the Northwest region since 2016 when the crisis started. The Mayor Bafut has discussed the possibility of this happening in Bafut come 2023, to develop the areas the people have earmarked. 

"As per revamping the tax sector, the people were coming up with proposals on how tax will be collected. The Ardos themselves were proposing what to do as far as the Jangali tax is concerned. They are the ones looking for possible solutions now on how to collect taxes and develop areas that they have earmarked as their priority projects".

Bafut People oriented on 2023 projects

Priority projects will depend on the needs of the people of every village. Bafut has 55 villages, 35 councilors with some of these villages merged so as to benefit from projects put forth by the council.

The Bafut Council has made great progress as far as project implementation is concerned. The Mayor has been able to implement projects even at the heart of the crisis as the council works hand in glove with the people it serves. 

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