Massa Cultural Festival: Queen of Logone wins beauty Contest

Out of 20 candidates drawn from Cameroon and Chad for the beauty contest, Miss Logone emerges after jury makes its final remarks.

The passage each of the beauty queens made was to demonstrate the daily life of a Massa woman; the cleaning done at sunrise, to draw water, fetch wood and split, light the fire, make food, sow millet and move on to plowing with the hoe, water the garden and later harvest to sell.

The life of a Massa woman promotes hardwork, fight against sale of land, end arbotions, fight deforestation, stop consumption of alcohol, skin striping and other clandestine behaviours. It goes a long way to promote the emancipation of women.

Thierry Vaho is head of jury, he made the acessement to be sure the ladies demonstrated the essence of the fashion walk. The excercise however crowned the 9th edition of the international festival of arts and Culture of the Massa people.

Minda Esther from Cameroon goes home with the crown, Yalda Dapsoumouna from Chad came 2nd while Mouraida Béatrice from Cameroon came 3rd.

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