Ngaoundére: Hygiene and Sanitation, A Call For Concern in Health Facilities

Health is a very sensitive sector in Ngaoundére and though with the huge investments made, yet some level of deterioration that needs maintenance is being observed. One will say the negligence of health personel in these facilities to keep the place clean is a huge concern.

Several hospitals have been built across the region, but some are in dire condition due to lack of hygiene. The populations have their share of responsibility, to protect these health centers from being contaminated. Unfortunately, this is not the case in some hospitals.

Lockers that patients use to keep their personal belongings are filthy. Worse are the walls stained, pigeon droppings and feathers are piled up on the windowsills. The ventilation system is dusty which can be harmful to the health of those with asthma.

The toilets are not equipped with a water connection and are polluted by a pool of urine. The floors are strewn with toilet paper and the bathroom ceilings are damaged. The stench of urine is spreading in the halls of the hospital and showers have been torn from the bathrooms.

Wheelchairs used by patients are dusty, where dirty sheets are thrown is near the kitchen. The garbage cans are not used, with diapers of kids and other filth littered everywhere. 

According to this reporter, from the looks of it, patients have not taken the responsibility to tidy up their environment. Most of them have in a way contributed to this unhealthiness in various forms; the improper use of toilets and bathrooms, a disregard of basic hygiene.

Some staff or health personel do not at most times do what is required of them, most patients who come to the hospital have complained, while others often lose their patience. 

"Most of the nurses do not do their job within the prescribed parameters, which ends in slippage." a patient complained.

By Katakap Heritier

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