Employment Minister Begins Works to Realize Vocational Training Centre in Ngaoundére.

The Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Issa Tchiroma Bakary, is making efforts to fufil the promise he made during a working visit to Vina in  Ngaoundéré in 2020, where he announced the construction of a vocational training center in Ngaoundéré, located around the Customs near the station.

The Ngaoundéré Vocational Training Center for Trades in Ngaoundére according to Minister would train learners in different trades of the wood chain, in automotive mechanics, welding, mechanical manufacture, repair of agricultural machinery, including training in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies, plumbing, specialized training courses.

It's been a year on and the site where works are to begin is still engulfed with grass, the Minister was on the field to ensure works begin as soon as possible on the site, whish is still non viable and occupie by the population.

The site according to the Minister will serve the population in Ngaoundére, as it will subsequently employ youths and provide them with skills to have a bright career.

By Katakap Heritier


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