Doctors Without Borders Demands Cessation of Defamatory Allegations

DWB has made in clear through a release on July 5th 2021, that it is operating within strict respect of their Charter and that supporting either armed groups in the ongoing armed conflict in the Northwest region, is out of place.

"Doctors Without Borders categorically rejects the allegations of having provided support for seperatists fighters in the Northwest region".

They have worked in Cameroon for over 35 years and in the Northwest region, since 2018. Recently they have made an appeal, asking Government to allow them resume activity in the Northwest Region.

The demand to allow them provide access to health care services has remained futile at the time if this report, eventhough they had complained of the challenges faced from both armed groups in conflict.

To keep their team on the ground safe, the release confirms that Doctors Without Boarders is in contact with both armed groups in order to feel same when delivering health care services to both.

The release further explains that, the act of keeping in touch with these armed groups should not be equated to collusion, for she operates within humanitarian principles.

Doctors without Borders continues to make a Clarion Call to some media organizations for vigilance and accountability, stating that public statements on such accusations puts both patients and staff in danger.

By Ndefru Melanie

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