Covid-19: Famillies Share Experience, Cautioning People In Bamenda

The Adeza Moma and Anyere Stephen's familly carried out a Covid-19 sensitization campaign in Bamenda, distributing facemask to people arround the major markets in Bamenda while sharing their experiences with the Covid-19 pandemic, providing healthcare awareness to the people.

A Familly Representative

These famillies lost their love ones to the virus. With the grief and pain felt, they believed that sharing the information with the public in Bamenda, will serve as an alert, especially for those who are still ignorant about the existence of the disease.

"I came here today to talk on behalf of the Adeza Moma and Anyere Stephens familly, to tell the people by of Bamenda that these famillies have suffered loss because of Covid-19 virus. We have lost familly members to the cold hands of death because of Covid19."

"We are sharing our story, ask people in Bamenda to take barrier measures very seriously because the disease exist and before you know it, a familly member is gone. Take advice from our health experts seriously and stay safe" Words from A lady called, speaking on behalf of these famillies.

The sensitization Team on the field

The sensitization campaign was carried out in the Nkwen main market, Bamenda Main Market, Food Market and Ntarikon Market. The Familly representative shared experience with the pandemic creating health awareness and a Health Expert, Fung John from the Regional Hospital Bamenda shared information on Covid-19.

Health Expert Talks to Press

"We need to take preventive measures very seriously because if we don't it will metamorphose to another illness which is still in same vain like Covid-19, maybe more chronic and difficult to treat" Fung John, Health Expert.

"I wish to thank this familly for sharing their story, their experience with the people of Bamenda, this move will go a long way to help the population stay on alert about preventive or barrier measures against the virus" He added.

The Adeza Moma and Anyere stephen Foundation was founded in June 2020 after both passed on due to the virus. Their death gave the Familly a push to o educate, sensitize and share their story with the people, so that it serves as an alert.

The messages was digested differentky by those who listened, some said they are doing their best to train themselves and their children about preventive measures while others said the have a phobia for the virus, or even going to consult with their love ones once they catch a cold.

Partial View of Ntarikon Market

"It is a good idea, quite and educative talk, but I want to say as a Christain, this is santanic. The Virus to me seem not a normal one, because God cannot create someone string and healthy and send a virus to destroy. The virus can only kill someone who is already in a bad health state as the medic has explained" A woman selling at Ntarinkon market said.

A woman selling at Ntarinkon

"My relative was sick and went to consult, next thing he was admitted and later we got info he was diagnosed of Covid-19 after he had died. To be honest it is complicated and I fear visiting the hospital when I have cough or cataarh". Another woman named Regina said.

Team shares facemask while sensitizing people

Many others expressed different opinions on the existence of the virus off record, sadly the market remains the most populated area as people move without facemask and without respect of barrier measures, which is a high risk. 

More sensitization is needed as many remain ignorant about the need to protect themselves or get vaccinated.

By Ndefru Melanie

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