Bamenda 1 Council adopts over 388million during Administrative Account Session

Bamenda 1 Council holds its first session weeks after the elections of February 9th and Installation of Mayors, which saw the council running under the banner of the CPDM Party.

The council session takes place on April 15th 2020 to adopt 388,726,605 in revenue and 364,045029 in expenditure, in the Prescence of the Divisional Officer of Bamenda 1, Gilbert Guibai Baldena, City Mayor, Achombang Tambeng Paul, Mayor of Bamenda 1 Council, Mbigha Felix and Councilors.

The Administrative and Municipal Treasurers examined management accounts and were satisfied Which was adopted by the councilors present at the session.

The City Mayor appealed that Councilors be trained on how to better do presentations, especially with issues that have to do with the budget. He made this comment following the Presentations done by the different committees put in place to manage affairs within Bamenda 1 Council.

"Though with challenges, we will do our best as a new team that has come forth, we will work hard and double efforts to meet council goals in our municipality, we call on all elites and developers to be part of development goals especially the BAMECA, which is the development arm of the village"  Mbigha Felix tells the Press.

"My biggest challenge is the ghost towns, coupled with the crisis we are facing now and the Coming of  Covid 19, I call on my brothers in the bush to join me in fighting these difficulties and making our Municipality a better place" The Mayor added

The Mayor also mentions that he has started pushing through with projects that were uncompleted since 2018, while counting on the collaboration of those within his jurisdiction.


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