Tubah Mayor Launches Campaign against Covid 19 worth 20million

Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin has called on people of his subdivision to put aside their differences and stand together as one, to fight a common emermy, Covid 19.

He was speaking during the launch ceremony at the D.O's office, on Friday April 3rd, in the presence of stakeholders who represented the greater part of the population in Tubah subdivision.

100 containers of Hydro alcolholic solutions shared out to the strategic positions within Tubah, to serve as hand sanitizers, mask(nose guards), gloves, buckets, savon, were part of the items shared out to fight Covid-19.

" We thank God we are able to realise this project, sensitizing our people on Covid 19, The only vaccine we have is to respect the 13 measures put in place by the World Health Organization and the Government of Cameroon, above all people should respect distances and keep Clean" Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin.

The Mayor and his team put up a billboard, printed posters, T-shirts and flyers to better raise awareness on the need to fight Covid-19 and in the course of the launch, visited the University of Bamenda, with other monetary institutions within Tubah subdivision, providing them with the sanitizers and buckets to encourage the washing of hands.

"We are also by this exercise launching the total cleanliness of toilets, markets, houses and all other public places within Tubah. We are hopeful that there will be follow up and Tubah subdivision will be a place to be" Mayor Tanjong Martin added.

Implementing the 13 measures through the campaign against COVID-19 in Tubah subdivision, the District Medical officer, D.O and Mayor took part in a practical exercise to wash hands, to better educate the people on how it is done.

" The process to wash hands should take over 50 seconds, preferably 2 minutes scrubbing your palms perfectly" District Medical officer.


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