Mayor Bamenda 2 Rallies Quater Heads to Fight Covid 19.

The Mayor of Bamenda 2 has called on Quater heads in villages under the Bamenda 2 subdivision to be development partners and work as a team to achieve council goals.

He was speaking during a sensitization campaign on Covid 19, on April 8th 2020, to better implement the measures put forth by the World Health Organization and enforced by Government.

According to the Mayor of Bamenda 2, Chenwi Peter, the campaign was also meant to exchange ideas and making meaningful proposals that will impact the life of the common man.

" This meeting is meant to promote participatory development for the advancement of the Bamenda 2 Council, in face of the Covid 19 as the council distributes buckets, soaps and other items to kick out the disease".

Health Personels were present to educate the people on what Covid 19 is all about, how it came about and the mode of transmission.

"The quaterheads are development partners to the council, which is one of the drive to alleviate poverty in the municipality, assist in revenue collection, and get percentages at the end of the exercise." The Mayor added.

He further requested the support of traditional authorities who can also do well to play a role in bringing back, those in the bushes, to stand as one man and achieve council goals within the Municipality.

"Development is better oriented from the bottom top approach, because we are the ones feeling the pinch of what is going on within the region, like water related diseases, electricity and road networks, above all security challenges." Quater head of Alachu, Mankon.

Other Quater heads believed that the need for capacity building was of utmost importance because majority of them were ignorant of the law.

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