Tecno Didi Electronics Prioritizes Health Over Wealth

One of the buisness magnets in the city of Bamenda, Ade Divine has decided to apply an initiative by spraying his shops and a few others along the streets of Commercial avenue.

Didi Electronics, as he is popularly known, took out time on Thursday April 2nd, to embark on the fight against COVID-19 by taking upon himself to spray detergent in and arround all his shop.

He says everyone should put hands on deck to fight this disease collectively before it hits Bamenda, taking the 13 measures implented by the World Health Organization and the Government very seriously.

"I am a buisness man and what I am doing, is my personal initiative to fight Covid-19,God has blessed us that it hasn't reach Bamenda yet, so we have to take preventive measures very seriously". Ade Tecno.

"I bought alcohol and some other disinfectants,with this equipment to spray my shop. I advice that everyone should use sanitizers or wash hands with water and sap frequently, especially after interacting with persons or touching items". Ade Divine told this blogger.

He appreciates the measures put in place by Government to fight Covid-19, and pleads with his peers and the population to do all to adhere to them.

Ndefru's Diary

Ndefru's Diary

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