Members of Journalists Trade Union in Bamenda Frown at the Arrest of a Colleague

Following the arrest of Eric Golf Kouatchou, journalist and correspondent for Canal 2 International in Paris on Thursday April 2 2020 in Douala by unidentified security men, Members of the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union Noth West Chapter, in solidarity with other comrades of the Union Nationwide, decided to make public their dissatisfaction about treatment given to Press.

Coordinated by the Union Chapter Secetary, Ambe Macmillian Awah, members of the the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union, North West Region, wore black arm bands with their union vest through out the entire day as they go about their activities, to show concern with the situation of their colleague ,who's whereabouts is not known.

"Today we stand up for a colleague who was taken away by the system, and this is our own way as Unionist to cry foul, that Journalism must not be caged, neither should Journalists, this is why we stand for him and we will always stand for all Journalists. Journalism must strive" Secretary of the Union Chapter in Northwest, Ambe Macmillian Awah.

Members frowned and expressed their feelings with their vest, face mask and black bands on and the Secretary said, the face mask was another way of demonstrating the awareness of keeping preventive measures against the Covid-19 disease, while practicing.

"As Journalists we are not different from the happenings in the country and in the world at large, that's why we are also taking measures as Press Men, we should lead by example and eventhough we are in pain with what has happened to our colleague, we are also following the measures put in place by the government, to prevent Covid-19" Ambe Macmillian added.

The President of the Union Chapter, Bakah Derrick assures members that other directives will be given if the provocation continues and pleaded with members to put on their face mask when going about their daily reporting, especially during the advent of the Covid-19.

"We are by this token requesting everyone to wear a face mask and respect social distancing as you step out of home in cases of absolute necessity" President of Union, Bakah Derrick.

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