In Ekondo Titi: Government Denounces Maccabre Act, Leads Protest March

The representative of Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, Chief of Bogongo in Ekondo Titi subdivision, the Divisional Officer, some Parliamentarians, the Mayor of Ekondo Titi have answered present amongst others; to head a protest march together with the local population in order to denounce seperatists activities in the area, most especially the ugly incident of November 24th 2021 in GBHS Ekondo Titi.

The population of Ekondo Titi municipality after the ecumenical service of November 28th 2021 at the municipal grandstand, took to the streets to say no to amba terrorism perpetrated in the area.

The community gathered to denounce ambazonia terrorism and fight back against illiteracy and self destruction of Anglophones by Anglophones.

The ecumenical Service held in memory of the four students and a teacher killed by separatist fighters in GBHS Ekondo Titi, Ndian Division.

The population and elite of the municipality have turned out massively to yield to peace calls made by the Head of State, President Paul Biya, through the Prime Minister Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, who visited the Southwest region months ago to caution the local population and elite to live together and be one another's keeper.

The local population took to the streets on November 28th 2021, in synergy with the Prime Minister Head of Government to pray for the departed souls of Emmanuel, Mme Song Celestina, Emmanuel, and two others. 

The Divisional Officer for Ekondo Titi subdivision, Aboloa Timothe addressed the situation same day it happened within his jurisdiction and confirmed that the incident was carried out by seperatists fighters in the early hours of November 24th 2021 in GBHS Ekondo Titi.

"At about 10 minutes to 8 am that morning some terrorist got into campus of GBHS Ekondo Titi and opened fire on teachers and students who got to school very early that day". D.O of Ekondo Titi.

On behalf of government, the D.O confirmed to have visited the students who were injured, revealing that forces of law and order had been deployed to trace perpetrators.

"After the incident, defense and security forces were deployed to the field to get the authors of the maccabre act. I have made a tour through the health districts to check on the students". Aboloa Timothe

A crisis meeting also held same day, with the staff and administration of the school affected including stakeholders concerned.

"We have reassured the population that schools, teaching should go on unperturbed and that the population should not to panick".

Taking into consideration that Ekondo Titi is the PM's place of origin, the people there continue to yield to peace calls despite the unfortunate incident that affected several families in the area.

The Prime Minister is always remembered for his simplicity and steadfastness in the quest of Peace for the 2 English speaking regions and it was in this same vein that the Divisional Officer of the area, visited the scene and took necessary actions to calm down the situation.

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