Menchum Youths Resident In Douala Converge for Sports Unity Tournament

Sons and daughters of Menchum Division, Northwest region of Cameroon who displaced themselves from their home of origin given the armed conflict, have gathered in Douala to support each other through the Menchum Unity Tournament, being an initiative of Ibrahim Manta aka Kawu Yaya.

Kawu hails fron Menchum Division and is a sport lover, who thought that the activity will in a way contribute to the well-being of youths who have moved away from home and resident in Douala.

Coupled with the recent strife between the muslims and the aghem indegenes, Kawu Yaya is using this Unity Tournament to preach peace and living together amongst children of wum, both Hausas, Aghems, Mbororos, Bu and many other tribes who've settled in Wum and Menchum at large.

The tournament consist of five football teams; Bu road FC, Star Boys FC, Mujang FC, Chey Chey FC and Ndenei FC. Handball girls have four teams; Bu Road girls, Understandable girls, Star girls and Chey Chey FC. The cup donor, has set aside 500,000frs cfa for football and 250,000 for handball girls.

The semi final and final matches shall be fielded at stade CICAM and the grand final is slated for 19 Dec 2021. Mr Ibrahim Manta, known to be the youngest millionaire in Menchum, promised to send support to the youngest club participating in the ongoing Wum Council Unity and Peace Tournament, holding at the municipal stadium of Wum, Menchum Division.

By Penn Elvis


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