Cameroon's Youngest Publisher Wins Excellence Award

One of CAMEROON's recognized Publisher and media guru,  Cham    Victor Bama cum Editor-In-Chief  and Publisher of The Municipal Updates daily  newspaper and Bi-Weekly Chronicle Newspaper has  received a distinction Award to  his  exploits in journalism.

The recognition was handed to him during a ceremony to mark the  2022 edition of the World Press  Freedom Day on the campus of the  University of Buea. It is a recognition from the Department  of Journalism and Mass Communication, JMC. 

The Dean of the Faculty of  Social  and Management Sciences, FSMS  of  UB, Prof Emmanuel Yenshu    handed the award to Cham Victor. Speaking at the ceremony,  the  Head  of  Department, HOD,  of  JMC, Prof Kingsley Lyonga  Ngange  noted that the department was  proud  to  have  groomed  Cham whom  he  described  as young, vibrant  and a daring Media  personality.    

Cham was part of the 2016  batch of  students of  JMC  . “There  is  no  gain  saying  that  Cham  Victor  Bama is one of  the daring    Cameroonian journalists who fought his way through hardwork  to the  top”, Prof Ngange  said.

Cham  runs  Municipal  Updates Daily  both  in  french  and  English  and  The  Chronicle Times, all  newspapers  widely  read  around  the  world. Speaking  to  the  press, Cham  Victor  Bama  expressed gratitude  to  the  department  of  JMC  for  singling  him out  and  recognizing  excellence. 

While  launching  The  Chariot  Magazine,  Cham announced  a  couple  of  good  news  for  JMC.  He  said he  shall    subsidized  the  printing  of  the  Chariot Magazine  at  75%  discount and from the JMC 2016  batch, sponsoring three  students yearly  in  JMC will be taken care of.

This  recent  recognition  only  adds  to  several  awards already  won  by  Cham  Victor  Bama  who  is  also described  by  colleagues  as  an  innovative  journalist. His  father  and  mother  were  part  of  the  emotional colourful  ceremony  as  they  watched  their  son  singled out  in  Celebration.

Born on September 7th 1990
Attended St Jerome Catholic Primary school Weh in Menchum Division.

-attended Government Technical High School Wum and obtained the CAP certificate, GCE certifications and the Probatoire and Baccalaureate certificates respectively.

-in 2010 was among best students   in the Baccalaureate exams with a pass in EXCELLENCE.

-2007- elected divisional President of Association of Young Communicators for Menchum

-2009- Elected Pioneer member of the National Youth Council

-2008 became Commonwealth and PAVIS pilot trainee on good governance and leadership

-2010 trained as Community health communicator in Bamenda

-2011 passed the Entrance exams into ENS Bambili where he read Information Management and Communication

-2012-2014: Coordinator of Crtv North West Youth Programs

-2013-Elected Executive member of the Cameroon National Youth Council for Bamenda

-2014-graduated from ENS BAMBILI

-January 2015-posted as Government Teacher to Buea

-APRIL 2015 Founded Municipal Updates

-2017 elected President of the Cameroon National Youth Council for Fungom

-2019: obtained a BSc in Journalism and Mass Communication in UB

-2019: founded The Chronicle Times Newspaper

-2019: founded the Association of Cameroon Journalists for the Promotion of Local Development

-2020:founded the Cameroon Watch News Site

-2021: appointed Country Communication Director of Focus Africa Series Movement


-English Language Newspaper Publishers Association


-He is also a communication consultant with several national and international organizations

-He is Vice President of the “University of Tiko”…

-He has attended several National and international workshops and seminars.

Life after JMC:

Cham Victor Bama upon graduation from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Buea, relaunched the Municipal Updates Newspaper, august 2019.

The newspaper upgraded to a biweekly publication.
In December 2019, he created The Chronicle Times Newspaper, a biweekly. In early 2020, he created the Cameroon Watch online news site.

He was one of the Frontline newspaper influencer at the historic Major National Dialogue in 2019 in Yaounde.

In April 2021, he created the Municipal Updates Magazine.
In October 2021, he launched the Municipal Updates printing press.
He became of the few Cameroonian newspaper owner to own a printing press.

On February 1st, 2022, he Launched the Municipal Updates Daily Newspaper.

Municipal Updates became one of the two English Language Daily Newspapers in Cameroon since independence.

In April 2022, he created the Municipal Updates French version.
He becomes the lone Cameroonian media owner, public and private, to publish two separate versions of a newspaper in English and French.

He is one of the lone private newspaper to cover high profile outings of the State, such as strategic missions from the Presidency of the Republic to other key state structures. 
He is the youngest,31, publisher in the country.

He is the current Vice President and founding member of the Tiko University.
He consults for several national and international bodies.
He is the current Senior Master of Discipline at Government Bilingual High School Mendong, Yaounde (appointed by the Minister of Secondary Education).
He is the current Youth Parliamentarian for Menchum North Constituency.


In the days ahead he will be launching a continental magazine named: AFRIQUE MUNICIPAL.

Cham Victor hopes to wed at God’s appointed time.

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