Crisis Management: Over 20 CDC Workers Abducted From Idenau Camps

CDC is said to suffer from several fronts in recent times; cautioning on encroachment in it's leasehold lands in Limbe and the kidnap of workers at the soden and scipio camps in Idenau.

The incident is said to have happened on the night of May 16th, breaking May 17th 2022. Incidents that continue to jeopardize efforts made by CDC's management to keep the welfare of it's workers in check.

Franklin Ngoni Njie, General Manager of the Cameroon Development Corporation - CDC has signed a release to warn perpetrators who encroach into CDC's leasehold land harbouring Oil Palm nursery in Mile 2, Limbe.

The communique says that those intruding in CDC's Bota Oil Palms nursery, do so on the premise that part of the land has been allocated to them by an administrative authority.

CDC's Management makes it clear that legal procedure will follow anyone who encroaches in leasehold land, as portion of it hasn't been ceeded to any third party. in the Southwest region

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