Orphanage Commune with NGO, Recieve Support

The Nkwenti Foundation and Empowered Ladies of Virtue Organization made a visit to Luc Menorah Orphanage and rehabilitation center, Mile 90 Bamenda took place on Dicember 23rd December 2021 to reach out to other persons with gifts during the festive period.

According to them, sharing with the lesss priviledge during this period, is the best form of celebration. The intention was reaching out to vulnerable children and gift them items which will go a long way to sustain them.

These Empowered Ladies group, visiting the orphanage made sure a a health talk on proper hygiene was part of the day's activity. To them, "their living conditions are not really the best. We feel that those children living there had no drinking water, their health condition isn't the best. We wish persons of goodwill can come to their aid, while we hope to do better", Belcam Nde, a volunteer at Nkwenti foundation.

Some of the children seemed malnourished, most of them are said to have been abandoned by their parents, reason they could not grow properly. Empowered Ladies believe these kids need love and care, sharing with them during Christmas was key to them.

Reaching out to humanity is essential. "I have always had that passion for humanity and children most especially due to my own childhood"., Belcam Nde a volunteer at Nkwenti foundation.

Though in that condition, the children were happy and "actually I learned that , I don’t have any reasons to be complaining to God because God has giving me more than enough" he said.

By Fozoa Vaniela
UBa Student

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