Bamenda II Council: Using Labour-Based Approach to Realize Low Cost Housing in 2022

During the adoption of the 2022 draft budget, Bamenda II Council Mayor, Chenwi Peter revealed that the council signed a convention with MINEPAT for the realization of low cost housing to the tune of  307 million francs cfa using the himo approach; adopting manual labour, using local materials.

This low cost or affordable housing is housing which is deemed affordable to those with a household income at or below the median as rated by the State or local government.

The labour based technology (HIMO) describes a labour / equipment mix, that gives priority to labour, supplementing it with appropriate equipment where necessary for reasons of quality or cost. This will mean young men and women are expected to gain employment earn some stipend, build their skills while the council engages in this form of labour.

Accommodation has been an issue especiallyas Bamenda II Council municipality continues to host cases of Internally Displaced Persons which raises and issue of amenities.

"Thirteen low cost houses will be constructed to provide shelter. This is thanks to  our partnership with MINEPAT."

Executing the projects will also entails funding both from internal and external sources.

"We have realized that we will fail if we depend on state subvention because it comes quarterly and at times not on time.We have to design other means of generating proceeds," Chenwi explained.

Aside from the low cost housing, the council is looking forward to a suitable site to put up a market structure where returns will be generated to take care of other development projects.

The adopted budget for the Bamenda II Council stands at 1.8 billion FCFA from 1.6 billion FCFA in 2021, just to note that the council is authorized to seek funds from feicom to build bore holes.

The Bamenda II Council has intervened in situations of paying school fees, hospital bills, electricity bill as per the complaints tabled to the Mayor, though with the challenges faced in generating revenue for the council.

By Ndefru Melanie

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